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Baltimore finally back on the road jerseys?

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  • Baltimore finally back on the road jerseys?

    Orioles Take Steps to Return 'Baltimore' to Road Jerseys
    Jeff Zrebiec, Baltimore Sun

    The Orioles are in the process of filing the required paperwork with Major League Baseball to add "Baltimore" to their road jerseys, replacing the nickname of the club that has been displayed on the away uniforms since 1973, according to sources with knowledge of the situation. The uniform change will be in effect for the 2009 season.
    This is apparently Angelos' decision. Let me say then, THANK YOU to Mr. Angelos, and IT'S ABOUT TIME.

    Obviously, this is an effect of the Nationals coming to Washington. It took several years, but with MASN's cut of Washington's revenue, there is nothing preventing the change on the uniforms.

    The organization has not had "Baltimore" stitched on its road jerseys since 1972, when then-owner Jerold Hoffberger had it removed in favor of the team's nickname.

    The decision, which came about a year after the Washington Senators moved to Texas, leaving the nation's capital without a professional baseball team, was widely viewed as an attempt to cast the Orioles as a more regional entity and attract the Senators' fan base.
    Zrebiec says it's a done deal this time. I'm looking forward to putting this overblown but logical issue behind all of us. If the story blows up in his face, Zrebiec is going to lose a lot of credit.

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    Very nice look of the new "Baltimore" road jerseys. I especially like the Maryland state flag sleeve patch.


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      Like the symbolism. Don't like the big-to-small lettering.


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        Perhaps the biggest beneficiary of the Baltimore road jerseys is the Washington Nationals. I imagine a lot of O's fans will visit Nationals Park for interleague games to see the jersyes.


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          I've always felt that the cursive orange script on gray and white was an offense against a color scheme that had a chance to be halfway decent if it was done differently.

          I'd go back to a version of the old orange jerseys. If you're going to be orange, do it properly.


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            I hear the O's are getting a new logo soon? Is this true?


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              The new logo is so close to the old logo that you may not have noticed the change.


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                Great move on the road unies. Jim Palmer looks like he could still go 6-7 innings every 5 days...
                Oh for a sunny afternoon at Sicks...


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                  A splendid idea!

                  In my mind's eye, I'm seeing Big John Wesley coming to the plate, with the bulging biceps, the lampblack, and the sawed off helmet bill, and that wonderful old Baltimore road uniform...

                  ...that, you saw on television. What you didn't see was the pitcher fidget and sweat


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                    How come some pictures of the shoulder patch say "BALTIMORE ORIOLES" and others say "ORIOLES BASEBALL"?


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                      "Baltimore Orioles" is on the home uni, while "Orioles Baseball" is on the road uni


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                        A little late to the party but I have to say this is AWESOME.

                        The Orioles are far and away the nicest group of guys in the AL, and they should be reppin' Baltimore.

                        People always blab on about a team representing a city -- and it's true. If you're from Baltimore, you should be able to sport a jersey that says BALTIMORE! on it.

                        I agree with the Big->Small comment, but i dont think you could fit the whole word on there with uniform(ish) lettering.


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