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I need to meet Dom Dimaggio? Anyone?

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  • I need to meet Dom Dimaggio? Anyone?

    I need to meet Dom Dimaggio. Here is my plea in a nutshell.

    When I was seven, my cousin Dick Gernert gave me a ball of a baseball player he played with when he was a rookie for the Red Sox in the early 50's. It was Ted Williams. Fast forward about 14 years. I read the book Teammates and understood I had a mission. To get Pesky, Doerr, and Dimaggio to sign the ball and complete my ultimate piece of history.

    1. I met Mr. Doer three years ago in Cooperstown for induction weekend. He was a very nice gent.

    2. I met Mr. Pesky two years ago at a celebration of the Impossible Dream team. He was a riot, I've never met a funnier guy, plus he remembered my cousin Dick.

    3. I'm still trying to track down Mr. Dimaggio. I've written to the Sox numerous times, I've scoured every web site I could find, I've checked every resource I could find, no luck. I do not know how to find this man.

    If anyone has any contact that could get me a chance to meet him, please mail me. I am desperate.

    Thanks for your help.

    Please, if any Sox fans

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    I know his address. Send me a PM and I'll send it to you. He charges either $15 or $20, but the money gets donated to a retired bb players fund of some sort. Let me know.


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