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Papelbon Up for DHL Delivery Man of the Year

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  • Papelbon Up for DHL Delivery Man of the Year

    I don't know if I just looked in the wrong place or what, but I haven't seen any discussion here of the fact that Jonathon Papelbon is one of ten closers who are being considered for DHL Delivery Man of the Year. I didn't even realize that this prestigious award had taken over what used to be the Rolaids Relief Pitcher of the Year, but maybe the DHL award is just for closers, while the Rolaids award can go to set-up men as well.

    And I think I need some Tums after all this talk about these ridiculous sponsors and the way everything sounds like a commercial these days.

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    Yeah, the name of this award makes it worthless, IMO.


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      yeah, i'd really be excited about papelbon's chances and pulling for him if they called it the Dennis Eckersely Award or the Lee Smith award, but as long as its named after postal services or OTC Drugs, i really could care less.

      is this one of the awards fans can vote on, or no?
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