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    Theo has said unequivocally that Papelbon WILL be a starter next year, as it's in the best interests of the long-term health of his arm, and thus for the good of the team.

    Mirabelli gone? Did I miss something?
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      I would have to say D..

      Just about every trade the Redsox made were foolish..

      If Well's wasn't injured for most of the season, and pitched like he did after his recovery, he could have been our ace.. That catcher we got in, to me looked awful. If Wells were a year younger, I would have kept him.

      Gabbard looked good in his few starts.

      Tavarez did great, but remember that he is aging and may not be the same pitcher next year.


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        Originally posted by Charger567
        Tavarez did great, but remember that he is aging and may not be the same pitcher next year.
        What? He was such a dissapointment, and was one of the most consistent releievers in baseball until his dissapointing year this year.

        There aren't 5 things in all of sports that made me more worked up than the criticism of theo this year, but if we are limiting the scope to THIS YEAR, then he clearly did a poor job.

        the thing is, a gm's job isn't a year-by-year thing. some of theo's better moves this year was not trading jon lester for mike lowell in 2003 and convincing dan duquette not to trade kevin youkilis for cliff floyd in 2002.

        people talk about how trading cla meredith was a terrible idea (that was a terrible move though; worst move he's made with the team yet imho), and then talk about jonathan papelbon's performance as if it was complete and utter luck. papelbon was the 35th prospect in the country this year, and theo gave him the opening day closers role. the FO clearly saw something in him that others didn't, and it worked out. youkilis probably never even came all that close to the top 100. the general feelign in life/sports, not just in theo's case, is that when stuff goes wrong someone screwed up, and when stuff goes right, stuff just went right. nothing more to it than that. so as a general theo discussion, there's no way that beefing up the farm system very impressively, losing a coin flip in the alcs, winning a world series, running into a buzzsaw in the alds, and missing hte playoffs in an injury plagued season is not a VERY impressive resume.

        but if we're limiting the scope to this year, however, he definitely could have done much, much better. the only moves that i think of as stupid- not as in a move that didn't work out, i mean a move that was dumb- was giving tavarez a three year deal (two years is fine, he's been an unforseeable dissapointment IMO, its just that 3 years is 1 year too many) and trading josh bard and cla meredith away. neither of those moves were all that justifiable when they made them, and they look worse now than they did when they were made.

        every other "bad" move, as far as i'm concerned, was a fine move that just didn't work out, or at least it hasn't yet. in my opinion, you need at least 5, and probably closer to 10 years to accurately assess a GM.
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          Originally posted by SwissRedSoxFan
          And our Farm didnt got it done either...(Hansen, Di Nardo, Lester first good then struggling, Gabbard, Pauley)
          judging a farm system on 1 year is a pretty crazy thing to do. the point of a farm system is to develop for the long term. judging them on one year is like judging someone's portfolio by how their stocks have done over the last week.

          also, hansen was terrible, gabbard did pretty much all that you could hope, pauley did all that you could hope before getting injured, dinardo was injured, lester was overall a pretty solid pitcher, and papelbon was amazing. so while if this is what our farm system does every year we're screwed, it was hardly a terrible year. not to mention that guys like buchholz and ellsbury and masterson and bowden and edgar martinez and dustin pedroia all continued to improve at an impressive rate in the minors.

          Originally posted by MudvilleMike
          Trading a young quality starting pitcher when you have a rotation of geriatrics was mind-numbingly stupid. Pena would need to be in Ortiz/Manny territory to justify that trade. That alone cost us the playoffs. Even though Beckett did worse than expected, I still really like that trade. I agree with getting rid of Renteria, but it only highlights how bad the signing was in the first place. Overall, I'm very disappointed with Theo & Co the last two years. Part of me still doesn't care because we finally won, but a few more goofs and we could actually, God forbid, have a really crappy ballclub.
          overall i agree with you, except i don't see what mistakes the red sox made last year. and also, the thing about WMP needing to be papi or manny to justify that trade is overkill, if he's aramis ramirez then its a good deal.

          i don't want to come across like i feel like i know this game perfectly, because i don't at all, but i think sometimes people that know it well better than i do need to be reminded of a few things. if WMP becomes a 300/350/550 guy, and jonathan papelbon becomes a 3.30 ERA guy, and hansen becomes a 2.50 ERA guy and an effective closer (which i think is far and away the biggest "if" of that bunch, but i do not think its at all out of the question), then the arroyo deal becomes WMP for a guy who was clogging papelbon's path to the rotation, and clearly a good deal. that's alot of things taht need to go right, and the chances they all will are terribly slim, but its important to remember that a few of those good deals he made in 03 and 04 are still helping the team today.
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            Did you.. By any chance catch one of his starts?


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              yeah, all but one of them.

              unfortunately i also saw the previous 5 months of relief work, and we hired him to be a reliever lol.

              i'll admit that i didn't get that you were referring to the starts, though, but still. he only started after the season was over, and we (in terms of next year, as well as in terms of 06) don't need him to start, we need him to relieve. he did terribly dissapointingly out of the pen and astonishingly good as a starter, but given that his innings as a releiver meant so much more than his innings as a starter, and that we'll again need him out of the pen and not in the rotation next year, i'd definitely call him a dissapointment this year.
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