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Timlin Re-Signs for '07

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    How much money did he get, hellborn?


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      I think he got $2.8M, down from $3.5M he got last year.


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        Originally posted by pesky6
        I think he got $2.8M, down from $3.5M he got last year.
        Incentives bring that up but it's a cheap deal overall. Basically costs them next to nothing for an experienced middle reliever/setup man who could prove to be a huge bargain for them.
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          Originally posted by Evangelion
          Why didn't he retire.

          Why in the world did the Sox re-sign him?

          This is a bad move considering how awful Timlin was last season and I don't expect him to get much better either.
          First: Timlin didn't retire because he really wants to get to 1000 appearances, and is currently 39 shy.

          The Sox would resign him because Timlin has been good, and was good last year until he hurt his shoulder in May and had to go on the DL. His era was around 1.50 when he went on the DL, so I'm sure the Sox are thinking he'll be much better.

          I think he will be good. Probably not amazing, but solid.


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            You put a lot of stock into a 41 year old pitcher. I would jump on the bandwagon, but his age would tell me not to do that. He had a nice stretch at the end of the season, but any relief pitcher could have a nice stretch, especially when the season all, but finished for the team. How was Timlin's number when coming into the game with runners on base before and after the injury? That's been a problem with Timlin that he never "relieved" a pitcher, which I believe is one of the jobs of a relief pitcher. Obviously, it become glaring statistic during the 05 season.

            His struggles after the DL only increase my fear with how effective he will be at the age of 41 next season. Of course, it's a wait and see, but I do have my concerns of Timlin returning to the club this season, especially if he does falter.

            I like to see him reach that number of appearance, but not if he's going to stink it up while doing it.

            I like the Timlin, but not going to effect my view on how he performed and my concern of his age.

            Some person brought up the WBC. I'm still a firm believer that got nothing to do with it since people already posted his numbers before hitting the DL, so let's stop bringing that excuse up for him or any player in WBC.
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              Who's putting a lot of stock into him? A one year contract doesn't signify that. I brought up the WBC, but only to mock the notion that it affected his performance.


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                he is a very likable guy, but the last few months he threw in 2006 were just plain UGLY. He's a question mark for next season, but he should do more harm than good. Something tells me that 2007 is his last go around.
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                  the main thing about this move that bothers me is how pathetic it is that it might be a good move.

                  as long as they don't use him in nearly as high leverage situations this year as they did last, i can't relaly complain. this bullpen needs every little drop it can get.

                  he did turn it around in september, to a degree, which makes me hopeful it might just be dead-arm.
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                    Originally posted by PhilWings24
                    the main thing about this move that bothers me is how pathetic it is that it might be a good move.
                    Exactly my thinking, phil, and well said.
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