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Yankees pick up Sheffield's $13M option

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  • Yankees pick up Sheffield's $13M option

    I know, I know. . . technically, this is Yankee news, but it shows what length they will go to keep players from signing with the Red Sox. Now they can trade him to whomever they wish and keep him from possibly negotiating with the Red Sox.

    I'm not sure if I would have liked him on our team, but I've always liked his bat and I cringe any time he comes up to the plate against the Red Sox. Regardless, I'm glad that the Yankees will (probably) have to eat much of his salary in order to dump him. Any time it costs them more money is fine with me

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    Picking up the option also prevent Sheffield from signing with the Blue Jays, the team that finished ahead of Boston this season. The Blue Jays won't have mind having that type of pop at the DH position or RF position.


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      I don't think the Yankees will have to pick up that much if any of the contract. The Yankees just probably won't get much in return, but that's better than nothing. There are a lot of teams out there looking for a big bat, but who do not want to make lofty and longterm financial commitments to guys like Alfonso Soriano or Carlos Lee. So instead they get Sheffield for a year, at less than it would cost for these other guys, and it won't cost them an arm or a leg in trading.


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        The Yankees are going to get a good prospect in return for Sheffield.
        Most likely:Ryan Manson ,or Gavin Flyod ,or Rich Hill ,or Angel Guzman
        "Have faith in the Yankees my son. Think of the great DiMaggio."-Ernest Hemingway


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