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Carlos Lee- a must have

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    no use for him. we'll be paying about 11 million dollars for about 10 runs over wily mo pena.

    if we get him, i'm fine with it, but only if its because we've traded away manny ramirez and we want him to play left.

    in fact, i would love that.

    give the job to wily mo.
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      Originally posted by keepthefaith3
      Does everyone agree that we should get Carlos Lee? He could play right and bat fifth. And he's not that old, either.
      This will sound harsh, but...

      This is the single silliest thing I have heard all offseason. It stinks of fantasy baseball thinking carried over to real baseball. Lee would perhaps be the worst RF in all of baseball if you stick him in Fenway. No range, poor arm, poor judge of how to play balls rattling around.

      His offense is based on HRs and clogging up the bases. His OBP is poor for his slot/salary and his career is on the downside as this contract would develop.

      Its Red Sox thinking circa Canseco, Tom Brunansky and any number of spare hitters dwindling out in Fenway. I'm so glad most people realize you don't need sluggers to win in Fenway.... so Lee will not be here. Thank goodness.


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        sharrock is right

        this guy is too old, right? thank the Lord he's gone to Houston.
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          At the request of the thread starter (and since Carlos is now off the market), thread closed.
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