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    Originally posted by DoubleX
    What's the majority pulse in Boston? Are people getting kind of sick of Manny and wanting to move on, or is the majority feeling that despite all the "Manny being Manny," his bat is too valuable to give up?
    Time for a poll.


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      Well the Manny for Santana/Wood deal probably isn't going to happen especially considering the Angels weren't willing to deal Santana/Kendrick for Tejada. The Angels are in love with Brandon Wood, and Manny is getting old. Trading Manny will also take away about a fifth to a quarter of Papi's production. When I say production I mean his RBIs, BA, and SLG. Papi clogs the basepaths and having him with a .430+ OBP with no cleanup man to speak of may lead to a lot of GIDPs from the guys behind him.
      Tejada no Manny. The Angels weren't going to deal Kendrick since he going to be their starting 2B in 2007. While Manny might be getting old, he's still one of the top 5 offense players in MLB. Manny will be 35 next season, so his age isn't a huge issue, the biggest problem would obviously be his attitude.

      Pedoria, at the moment, slated to start 2B. Interest from the Sox in Loretta have been non-existent. He'll likely end up in San Diego again. It's funny, we dealt Doug for Loretta for a one year rent, then gave Sand Diego Bard and Meredith for Dough, in the end, they might get Loretta back. Man, that deal looked like a steal into an awful move.


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        Trading Manny in 07

        Originally posted by Rickey_Henderson
        That would be three steps not two
        it seems since the day Manny arrived in Boston, from Cleveland, he was
        being traded..for someone...I guess, ask ourselves why, this is always
        on the stove..besides Manny asking to be traded...

        so, if this were tuu really happen..would the BoSox actually trade manny
        for a needed player..or simply would it be a salary dump, and rid of a clubhouse head case ?

        can't see Manny ending up with the yanks...but anything is possible..


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          Here's some possible deals
          "he probably used some performance enhancing drugs so he could do a better job on his report...i hear they make you gain weight" - Dr. Zizmor

          "I thought it was interesting and yes a conversation piece. Next time I post a similar story I will close with the question "So, do you think either of them have used steroids?" so that I can make the topic truly relevant to discussions about today's game." - Eric Davis


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