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Agent: Ramirez still wants trade

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  • Agent: Ramirez still wants trade

    Agent: Ramirez still wants trade
    Boston slugger had said he'd stay

    The Associated Press

    One day after Manny Ramirez told that he was "staying in Boston" and ostensibly did not want to be traded, his agent reiterated Friday that Ramirez had not withdrawn his trade request.
    "At the conclusion of the season, we agreed to work with the Red Sox in exploring potential trade possibilities," said agent Greg Genske in an e-mail reply to an inquiry about his client's status. "We ... remain open to discussing trade possibilities."

    Genske said that he had no conversations with the Red Sox on Friday. Boston has had difficulty trying to find a trade that will give them equal value for Ramirez, who has three years and $57 million left on his contract and can veto any trade.

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    I find it hard to believe that a reputable reporter made up the "call off the trade" story out of whole cloth. Not that reporters haven't invented stories before, but what would such a fabrication accomplish?

    The whole thing just gets weirder and weirder, doesn't it? :noidea
    In a related story, Tejada has withdrawn his trade request and wants to remain in Baltimore.

    Tejada Tells O's He Wants To Stay
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      Do agents make any extra commission if a player gets traded? I don't think so, but just want to make sure.

      Anyway, has Manny spoken to anyone? I'm wondering if Manny and his agent are "on the same page"? Then again, I've also heard this as something from Planet Manny. Kinda like Manny's own Twilight Zone. :o
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