Baseball America released their top Boston Red Sox prospects list a few days ago on their website. Here's how their top ten list breaks down:

Andy Marte, 3b

Jon Lester, lhp

Jonathan Papelbon, rhp

Craig Hansen, rhp

Dustin Pedroia, 2b/ss

Jacoby Ellsbury, of

Kelly Shoppach, c

Manny Delcarmen, rhp

Jed Lowrie, ss/2b

Clay Buchholz, rhp

Along Baseball America's annual top ten prospects list comes the "Best Tools" list:

Best Hitter for Average: Dustin Pedroia
Best Power Hitter: Andy Marte
Best Strike-Zone Discipline: Dustin Pedroia
Fastest Baserunner: Jacoby Ellsbury
Best Athlete: Jacoby Ellsbury
Best Fastball: Craig Hansen
Best Curveball: Manny Delcarmen
Best Slider: Craig Hansen
Best Changeup: Randy Beam
Best Control: Abe Alvarez
Best Defensive Catcher: Kelly Shoppach
Best Defensive Infielder: Dustin Pedroia
Best Infield Arm: Andrew Pinckney
Best Defensive Outfielder: Jacoby Ellsbury
Best Outfield Arm: Willy Mota