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Did the Red Sox wear Yankee pinstripes?

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  • Did the Red Sox wear Yankee pinstripes?

    I was astonished to find out that the Red Sox actually sported pinstripes for many years, considering nowadays many Sox fans hate anything in pinstripes. I was wondering, does anyone know if the actual color of the pinstripes?

    This is difficult to ascertain because most of the photographs from that era are black and white. What IS noticeable is that the pinstripes seem fainter than Yankee uniforms.

    Compare this:

    to this:

    Dick Perez's portrait of Harry Hooper shows red stripes:

    I'm just curious. Does anyone know for sure?


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    Yes the red sox wore pinstripes. Starting in 1912 and ending in 1914 they wore pinstripes. They then picked it up again in 1916 for away jersey's, then ending in 1918. 1921 they picked it up again and went with it until 1931. After that they never wore pinstripes again.


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      When I saw this thread two things flashed through my mind.

      Oh my gosh another payroll thread.

      Their's going to some angry Boston fans here.

      Imagine my surprise when i read the whole thing.
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        While the Yankees are synonymous with pinstripes now, they were no where near the first Modern (Post 1900) team to wear pinstripes.

        the Cubs had a thin. pinstripe-ish material for the 1907 World Series:


        which then became part of their road suits in 1908:

        1908 Cubs

        The Yankees had pinstripes in 1912:

        1912 Yankees

        The rival NY Giants also had pinstripes in 1912, very cool red stripes on the road suit:

        1912 Giants

        The Yankees dropped the pinstripes for 1913 and 1914 and got them back in 1915 for good.

        Interesting fact, Babe Ruth never played in a Yankee uniform with the interlocking NY on the chest. They dropped it in 1917, and it did not appear again until 1936, on year after Babe retired, an 2 after his last season with the Yankees.
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          See... There is nothing bad about wearing pinstripes.

          BTW. Great pics.


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            Thank you everyone for your posts!

            Here was my main question, which I did not stress enough. Does anyone know the actual COLOR of the pinstripes? Is Dick Perez correct in painting them red?

            Okkonen's picture, by the way, claims they they are light greyish:

            This vintage jersey claims that they are darkish grey:

            I know this information is very obscure, so I'm just wondering if anyone knows this.



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              During the 20s the Red Sox and Yankees both wore home uniforms that consisted of a plain white jersey with pinstripes and no lettering nor logo.


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                The 1913 home jersey pinstripes appear to be red.


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                  Originally posted by Ubiquitous
                  The 1913 home jersey pinstripes appear to be red.
                  Something like this?
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