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    Red Sox all-time team

    Who likes this lineup, rotation, and bullpen?

    CF Tris Speaker
    3B Wade Boggs
    DH Ted Williams
    1B Jimmie Foxx
    LF Carl Yazstremski
    C Carlton Fisk
    2B Bobby Doerr
    RF Jim Rice
    SS Joe Cronin

    And the rotation:

    Cy Young
    Roger Clemens
    Lefty Grove
    Pedro Martinez
    Luis Tiant
    Curt Schilling

    And the bullpen:

    Oil Can Boyd
    Smokey Joe Wood
    Bill Lee
    Rick Dataz
    Mike Timlin
    Mel Parnell
    Dennis Eckersley
    "He studied hitting like a broker studies the stock market, how a scribe studies the scriptures" - Carl Yastrzemski on Ted Williams

    "The greatest clutch hitter in Red Sox history has done it again! Big Papi!" - Don Orsillo's call of Ortiz's walk-off single


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      I'm sorry, keepthefaith3, but this was just done. In fact, the last post in the other thread is only from the start of this month, I believe. I'm going to merge your thread with that one.
      "Anything less would not have been worthy of me. Anything more would not have been possible." - Carl Yastrzemski


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        in his prime pedro was better than tiant.


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          Originally posted by DoubleX
          Ok, new question...

          If you were to list the 10 greatest Red Sox, irrespective of position, would guys like Foxx, Speaker, Fisk, and Grove make the list?
          I'd say no for Grove...Clemens, Martinez, and Young bump him out.
          Yes to Foxx, and Speaker. Fisk is just edged out.
          Williams, Yaz, Foxx, Speaker, Clemens, Martinez, Young, Evans, Boggs...
          10th is hard...Rice? Larry Gardner? Maybe Fisk??
          Guess I'd say Rice, even though I'm not fond of him. Overrated to me, but that doesn't mean he wasn't a good player for many years.
          "I throw him four wide ones, then try to pick him off first base." - Preacher Roe on pitching to Musial


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            Here's Mine

            C Carlton Fisk
            1B Yaz
            2B Doerr
            3B Boggs
            SS Pesky
            LF Williams
            CF Speaker
            RF Evans
            DH Ortiz

            SP Clemens

            RP Stanley
            CL Radatz


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              Here is a nice photo of Foxx as a member of the Red Sox


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                Another one!
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                "I throw him four wide ones, then try to pick him off first base." - Preacher Roe on pitching to Musial


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