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Singularizing "Sox"

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    Originally posted by SoxSon
    Kind of the heart of the matter, isn't it? I agree.

    Impugn away!
    There is a cute plural form of socks spelled s-o-x In the English language, but the Red Sox aren't a group of similarly colored socks, and the team name is considered a plural headless noun and it's looked at as a "defective" form (we could read a ton into that, eh?) When the common form of such a word is singular, it is treated as if it has a regular plural. The team names you mention above aren't quite the same; the spelling of each is like a regular plural, so we've adopted the use of the singular with individual players.

    In other words, an individual player on our beloved team is a Red Sox, as strange as that sounds, but I'm not sure I could care much less what anyone calls him! is most certainly the off-season, huh?
    Yeah, throw another dictionary into the hot stove, would ya?
    The ball once struck off,
    Away flies the boy
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