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    Red Sox and other New Egland sports news

    I usually start at as they have a lot of stories from many of the different New England papers on one site.

    I also check out their main ( page for a pretty entertaining way to read Rhode Island and Southern Mass news.

    They also have a pretty funny offbeat section and the only site that I know that has a section for all the local crime news.


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      woot.. i'm sooooooooooooo glad i joined this site, i've been wondering about other good Red Sox sites as well.. i've mainly used for trade rumors and news the past couple years. thanks for all the new sites to check out!!
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        Thanks a lot for the links.

        I just put together a site that takes a bunch of the sites you guys mentions and puts them all on one page so you don't have to go to each one separately. Let me know if there are any sites or stats you think I should add/delete.


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          This isn't really a news site, but I thought folks might be interested. I was trying to come up with a way to remember a combination on the lock I just put on my storage shed and I wanted to remember it by using great Sox players. Anyway this is pretty nifty site that is updated through the current lineup (I think):

          Red Sox Jersey Numbers
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            Where I go

            Besides dirt dogs (obviously), I always go to Fenway Faithful.


            Always a good read.


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              Best Red sox news sites

              i found updated daily and very relevant, plus there's some other goodies as well.


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                  I started a Red Sox Forum at

                  Check out My Sox site >


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                    news sites

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                      New England Sports 24/7. It's a blog of three different New England sports forums, including the Red Sox.


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                        The two sites in my signature work for me. The blog is just getting started, but it will definitely be a good source of news and analysis in the future.
                        Talksox Red Sox Forum
                        Blog Boston Sports


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                          Dirt Dogs is my choice. The Red Sox are a worthy of a gossip style page this good.

                          After growing up in Atlanta where malaise is the name of the game when it comes to baseball, it's nice to wake up to reactionary, angry, wild coverage of my favorite team. It's like the Drudge Report for the Red Sox.

                          Sam Horn is good for 'serious' discussions.


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                              Don't feed the spambot


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                                Originally posted by Sashag View Post
                                That is my favorite Red Sox news site. It not only provides insight but hilarium (if that even is a word).


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