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    As a Mariners fan, I would like to know: Is Theo fond of Arroyo? How has he traditionally handled starting pitching personel? I'm wondering because i know that theo will go grab a CF, and Jeremy Reed's name has been mentioned. I know the M's said that they were done wheeling and dealing for the most part, but, unlike the M's bush league management believes, their is no down time, especially for teams like the Sox and yanks. thanx

    P.S. if the sox trade for Reed, i think they should try to get Mike Morse from the M's as well. He's shoddy in the field (can't be worse than Rentaria tho) but has a great plate approach. He's on the bench for the M's because we have another outstanding young SS in Betancourt, but i think would start over Cora for the Sox. He's definatly got the swagger, and confidence to play for a big market team. He's too good to be riding pine. Just a thought. Make it happen Theo.

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    i don't see them trading arroyo for just reed, killa, though i could be wrong. reed doesn't seem like the type of high on base % guy they're fond of. arroyo is a throwback to the types of low risk guys the sox took a flyer on in the dan duquette era, some panned out, some didn't. arroyo's not great, but he's decent/useful, can win 12-15 games, be a number two or three starter on a bad club, a 3-5 on a good one, and can go to middle relief or even set up on a strong staff if need be.


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