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    Ellsbury: .300 AVG, .391 OBP and 2 SB
    Lars Anderson: Went 4 for 5 in yesterday's loss, and has a line of .287/.358/.417 with 2 HR

    Moss: .294/.403/.560 with 7 HR
    Jason Place: .188/.252/.366 with 3 HR
    Dustin Richardson: 29.2 IP, 2.43 ERA, 40 K/ 16 BB
    Chris Jones: 27.2 IP, 3.90 ERA, 25 K/ 5 BB
    Kason Gabbard: 30 IP, 2.70 ERA, 25 K/ 8 BB
    Tony Granadillo: .400/.538/.650
    Chih-Hsien-Chiang: .300/.364/.300


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      Originally posted by Jager View Post
      The Bad:

      Craig Hansen 10 IP ERA of 7.20 Whip of 2.40
      Edgar Martinez 14 IP ERA of 5.14 Whip of 1.57
      Bryan Corey 14.1 IP ERA of 6.91 Whip of 1.53
      Mike Burns 14.1 IP ERA of 6.91 Whip of 1.67
      Manny Delcarmen 15.2 IP ERA of 6.32 Whip of 1.79
      Abe Alvarez 25.2 IP ERA of 5.61 Whip of 1.40
      No love for Daniel Bard down here?

      Bard: 5GS 13.1IP 10.13 ERA 9/22 K/BB
      After an offseason scare with blood clots, Shelley Duncan said yesterday he feels "wonderful -- like a stallion"


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        I didn't notice him. Isn't he injured right now? Most of the guys I mentioned were in AAA. I just brought up the guys that were either close to contributing, or could step in if the injury bug hit.


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          Update for 5/10/07:

          Ellsbury: .280/.379 AVG-OBP
          Anderson: .286/.355/.411 2 HR
          Moss: .281/.388/.535 7 HR
          Murphy: .313/.410/.470 1 HR
          Place: .181/.243/.352 3 HR

          Today's Games:

          AAA- Pawtucket (Charlie Zink NR) @ Scranton Wilkes-Barre (Ross Ohlendorf 1-2 3.94) 7:00pm
          AA - Portland (Tommy Hottovy 0-3 5.18) v.s. Binghamton (Kevin Mulvey 2-3 3.68) 6:00pm
          A+ - Lancaster (Mike Rozier 1-2 5.74) v.s. High Desert (Cibney Bello 0-0 0.00) 9:30pm
          A - Greenville (Brian Steinocher 1-4 7.36) @ Kannapolis (Jacob Rasner 1-4 7.03) 7:05pm

          Notes: Charlie Zink has been called up from Portland to make the start for the Pawsox.


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            their farm system has been unbelievable, and like i saw someone mention a little ways up, even brandon moss is impressing. people gave up on him way too quickly after last year. i don't have his numbers in front of me, but if i remember right it was a solid-but-dissapointing year, considering how unbleivable his pro debut was.

            but --and again this is all from memory so there's a chance i'm wrong-- his season last year wasn't horrific, it was just not overly impressive. i remember seeing it and thinking. and so far he's dominating this year at a high level, meaning he's pretty much dominated in 2 of his 3 seasons.

            and he's still only 23, so its not like you'd say he has to dominate to be considered a good prospect.

            but yeah, i'm very high on him overall, although i don't expect a perrenial all-star or anything. even so, the red sox right now have (in my opinion) FIVE above-average major league starters, and 6 major league quality outfielders, so someone's gonna have to get dealt.

            coco's dissapointed me so far this year, but i still think its very, VERY early to jump ship on this guy, i'd expect him to be like 300/350/430 from this point on. wily mo--those of you who remember some of my posts from a couple months a go will remember my mancrush on him lol-- i think will be an all-star at least once in his career, and probably more like 3 times. jacoby is looking like he's--really-- been the best outfielder in the organization so far this year (and really that's all i mean, i think he's their 3rd 4th or 5th best outfielder overall, but even after adjusting for level of play, he's been doing better than any of the big leaguers). jd drew, even if he DOESN'T stay healthy is well above average. manny is manny, and i personally believe brandon moss can become a solid player in the major leagues.

            it'll be interesting though. they've got a lot of players down there that are close to the bigs that look like they can make a real difference. bowden's the most interesting to me, i'd always heard he had unbelievable potential but it was a matter of harnessing it, and its looking like he has at least for the moment. and from everything i've heard, if he can keep it harnessed through AA and AAA, he should do some things. he's still just 20 though, and the sox rotation is hardly falling apart, so he's a while off.

            i'd like to see buchholz at AAA by year's end though, just as a potential safety option in case schil leaves. i'm not saying he'll replace his value equally or even close, but having a minimum-salary fallback option is real valuable in situations like that.
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              Originally posted by monkey333 View Post
              Buchholz might be the best starter in the minors at the moment, now that Lincecum has been called up.
              i haven't thought about it enough to either agree or disagree, but man oh man i like the sound of that lol.

              Originally posted by DoubleX View Post
              Assuming Ellsbury plays decently at AAA, I wouldn't be surprised to see him with the Sox at some point this year, perhaps soon if an injury occurs at the big league level (and with J.D. Drew out there, it's a definite possibility).
              with almost any other team i'd agree with you emphatically. but in my opinion (and mancrush aside, most people i've talked to agree with me on this) the red sox have the best fourth outfielder in baseball in wily mo. maybe if jacoby plays well and crisp gets hurt, cus tito seems to doubt wily's defensive ability far more than i do, and probably wouldn't want him in center. then again drew can play a good center field, so it might just be drew in center and wily in right. really, though, the chances of drew getting hurt and then wily getting hurt aren't that bad at all lol, they're both pretty injury prone (it happened last year when crisp went down; wily replaced him and then he went down just a little later).

              also, even if that was to happen within the next couple weeks, the brass would probably consider-- and i'd tend to agree-- brandon moss or even david murphy the more major-league-ready of the 2. jesus the red sox have an excess of capable outfielders.

              Originally posted by natsnsoxfan View Post
              I cannot wait to see Jacoby in the Majors. He was very exciting with the Sea Dogs when i saw him in the past year or so. When do you all think he and Bucholz will be in the Majors on a permanent basis?
              like i mentioned in my above post, buchholz and bowden both could be further off than their talent might warrant, just cus of the solid shape of the sox rotation. i bet buchholz will be up for a call up this year, but i wouldn't GUARANTEE his opening day status until 2009, really (that's assuming he keeps pitching like this, which is obviously a bold assumption). although if i had to bet, i'd bet he comes up in the middle of 08 and never goes back down. one possibility i just thought of: wake has indicated in some interviews that he'll retire once mirabelli leaves the red sox. if the sox find a good replacement for doug, they might be okay with that, and call buchholz up to replace wake. and that could happen as early as next year depending on...well on a bunch of things.

              Originally posted by monkey333 View Post
              No love for Daniel Bard down here?

              Bard: 5GS 13.1IP 10.13 ERA 9/22 K/BB
              lol yeah, really he's been the worst, given the expectations. place has been equally dissapointing, i guess, but horrific slumps for hitters tend to be less meaningful than for pitchers.

              Originally posted by Jager View Post
              You know, I've been thinking alot about our catching situation. I think we need to try to trade for Jarod Saltalamachia from the Braves. I saw him quite a bit on the Mississippi Braves, and he played well, and now he's in the big's with McCann hurting, and he's playing very well. I think that we should go after him offering either Hansen or Delcarmen, and another prospect. He's a very good young catcher, and that's something we lack. Kottaras just isn't hitting well at all in AAA, and couple that with the fact that he didn't hit much last year either, I think we should look into it. See how much it would cost us.
              that's definitely a good thought...the braves don't need much help in the outfield though, and (as, if you've read both of my posts fully you've heard me repeat several times) the sox have plenty of outfield, any kind you want too: raw-with-tons-of-upside (jason place), fairly-raw-with-lots-of-upside (wily mo), major league ready prospect (brandon moss, david murphy), proven (manny, drew).

              maybe they could work something out for the phillies' carlos ruiz???

              maybe we can get terry ryan drunk and send kottaras and david murphy to minnesota for joe mauer. that way they have a replacement for torii hunter if he leaves lol.
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                5/11 ML Games:

                AAA- Pawtucket (Charlie Zink NR) v.s. Toledo (Zach Minor 0-4 6.69) 7:05pm
                AA - Portland (Clay Buchholz 1-1 1.98) v.s. Binghamton (Jose Sanchez 0-2 6.30) 6:00pm
                A+ - Lancaster (Justin Masterson 0-2 6.43) @ San Jose (Gregorio Martinez 2-0 4.05) 10:00pm
                A - Greenville (Jordan Craft 0-2 10.34) @ Kannapolis (Faustino De Los Santos 1-1 2.19) 7:05pm


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                  Clay Buchholz pitched today and finished with

                  6.2IP, 4 hits, 1 ER, 11 K's, and 1 walk

                  At one point he struck out 8 straight batters. Bowden pitches tomorrow so hopefully he keeps it up himself.

                  YTD for Buchholz - 34IP, 22H, 7ER, 46/4 K/BB 1.85 era


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                    Absolutely phenomenal. His home stadium is just down the highway from where i live so im sure i'll get to see him this season. if i do ill be sure to give a little on what i see.
                    "He gave the term 'complete' a new meaning. He made the word 'superstar' seem inadequate. He had about him the touch of royalty." - Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn on Roberto Clemente

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                      Just to let you guys know, there's a Pawtuckett game on right now on NESN. You'll get a look at guys like Moss, and Ellsbury, and Hansack is pitching.


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                        Bowden was lights out last night. 7IP, 1 H, 0 R, 1BB, 5 K's. For the year he's 2-0 with a 1.37 ERA in 46IP with 35 H, 8BB and 46K's. 5 out of his 8 GS he hasnt allowed a run.


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                          Its great to see that such a young guy isn't walking many people especially with his unorthodox delivery.
                          "He gave the term 'complete' a new meaning. He made the word 'superstar' seem inadequate. He had about him the touch of royalty." - Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn on Roberto Clemente

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                          4-16-07 RIP Va. Tech 32


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                            Many scouts are touting Anderson somewhat...then how did the Red Sox get him that late in the draft?


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                              Buchholz 34 Ip, 22 hits, 7 ER, 3 Hr Allowed, 4 BB's, 46 K's, .185 opponents BA, 1.85 ERA

                              Bowden 46 IP, 35 hits, 7 ER, 1 Hr Allowed, 8 BB's, 46 K's, .212 opponents BA, 1.37 ERA

                              As far as Anderson goes, I don't really know his situation, but it's not odd for a player to fall far in the draft if they are asking for big bonus', or big contracts for a young player. Heck, even the agent will sometimes make a player fall.


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                                On the farm: Right-handed pitching prospect Michael Bowden carried on his torrid bat-missing campaign at Class A Lancaster, working seven one-hit innings of scoreless baseball, striking out five and lowering his ERA to 1.37, third best in the California League.

                                Bowden is currently at work on a 21-inning scoreless streak. He has struck out 46 batters in 46 innings, second best in the league.


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