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"Impossible Dream"...poem about 1967 sox

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  • "Impossible Dream"...poem about 1967 sox

    Impossible Dream
    By She’Davia Williams

    Before them
    There was nothing.
    Before them
    The stands stayed empty
    Before them
    The game was just a “game”
    Before them
    There was nothing to anticipate

    When they came every thing seemed to change
    People actually went to games
    People had something to believe in
    The game turned into a passion
    It was the start of a nation

    The season started with gloomy faces
    Empty seats and no thoughts of pennant races
    Game 1 was won
    Could this possibly represent the season to come?
    Game 2, a fluke
    Who cared, this didn’t represent what they could do
    The season went on and the wins kept coming
    Every month showed more winning than losing

    The stands started to fill
    The seats were sold out
    Here the shouts,
    Smell the grass,
    Without a doubt
    This season was a blast.
    Who could believe
    That this once horrible team
    Was in the lead!
    It was a miracle
    It was an impossible dream!

    October 1st can be called surreal
    They were about to be champs
    They were about to seal the deal.
    Hearts were racing
    Skipping beats along the way.
    But truth be told
    That team didn’t miss any beats.
    Cleanly field plays
    Getting hits
    Paving the way.
    They didn’t keep the fans guessing
    They didn’t make them wait
    Though they kept them on the edges of their seats
    It was only because the game was great.

    Top of the ninth
    One out away
    A pop up to short right
    Caught…That’s the game!
    Pandemonium on the field
    Fans racing from the stands
    A celebration never to be forgotten
    A celebration that was the birth of a nation
    Tears of elation
    Racing down cheeks
    Hugs and kisses
    Something to talk about for weeks
    Maybe not weeks
    But years
    Forty years!

    Who is there to thank
    For making dreams come true
    The 1967 Red Sox
    And their sterling crew
    Tony C
    Had a short career
    But is an all star for eternity
    Jim Lonborg
    His complete game on October 1st
    Forced Minnesota to play their worst
    Rico Patrocelli
    All star short stop
    Someone who easily won Boston hearts
    And who can for get Carl Yastrzemski
    A hero on the field and at the plate
    Triple Crown winner
    He played like a saint.
    Don’t be surprised
    There were many more
    Who helped this team play great.

    This is my thank you
    To that incredible team
    This is my thanks to them
    For living out that impossible dream!

    *A tribute to the 1967 Red Sox (AL Champions)*

    i wrote this poem a few months ago and then presented it in class, no one understood what i was talking about but the teacher. i hope you guys liked it....
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    ^^this was the last status update that Haley had on her facebook page^^

    Haley you will always be in my heart <

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    Hey redsoxocd--
    Welcome to BBF, and thanks for sharing your poem!
    You've captured what it is to be a true Sox fan: determination, loyalty and gratitude.
    I'll bet your teacher enjoyed every word.

    (An A+, I suspect? )
    "Anything less would not have been worthy of me. Anything more would not have been possible." - Carl Yastrzemski


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      Great poem, redsoxocd. If you have anymore stuff you'd like to share, feel free to post over in the Baseball Poetry thread, there's some great stuff in there. Welcome to BBF.


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