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Anyone have any luck getting tickets?

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  • Anyone have any luck getting tickets?

    Better question--did you even bother trying?

    I lucked out and got 4 SRO for Patriots Day. I also got 4 for opening day on Thursday morning (they do a special presale for season ticket holders). Did anyone else have any luck?

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    I got 4 Nationals tickets (took 3 hours of waiting) and 4 Indians tickets (took 6 hours)

    So, I pretty much spent my entire day sitting in front of my computer enjoying quality time in a virtual waiting room.
    "Too many pitchers, that's all, there are just too many pitchers Ten or twelve on a team. Don't see how any of them get enough work. Four starting pitchers and one relief man ought to be enough. Pitch 'em every three days and you'd find they'd get control and good, strong arms."

    -Cy Young


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      I didn't get any, living away form bosotn I needed certain ones.
      wasting 4 hour sin the virtual waiting room to get autodenied didn't help either....that really sucked.

      oh well, time to call some buddies who play in the majors and get some comped tickets....I just can't wear my sox gear to games as I will be in the visiting booth. but I will be there, and that is good enough for me
      Lifelong Redsox Fan


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        I tried twice, the first release of some tickets then the day when they all came out, spending about 5 hours waiting the first time and 4 the second. no luck either time. my mom gets one game through her work though and i'm going with some friends to another.
        "As I grew up, I knew that as a building (Fenway Park) was on the level of Mount Olympus, the Pyramid at Giza, the nation's capitol, the czar's Winter Palace, and the Louvre — except, of course, that is better than all those inconsequential places." - Bart Giamatti

        You go through The Sporting News of the last 100 years and you will find two things are always true. You never have enough pitchers, and nobody ever made money.
        -Don Fehr


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          I didn't get any tickets...I didn't have the cash when most of the tickets went on sale and I entered the Sox/Yankees drawing, but wasn't chosen. I guess I'm going to have to buy tickets from a ticket broker.

          The one constant through the years has been baseball
          America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers
          It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again
          But baseball has marked the time
          This field, this game, it's a part of our past
          It reminds us of all that once was good and it could be again


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            I am one lucky fan!!!

            At first I got 2 Sox Ranger tickets then had to leave for work, so although I was happy with that, I didn't realize how lucky I was about to get.

            My wifes name came up in th "random drawing" for a chance to buy Sox Yankee tickets, I ended up getting 2 tickets, right next to the Red Sox bullpen at FACE VALUE...woohoooo!!! I looked at a few online sites and the seats I got for the game are going for $200 a piece, I paid $107 total. I'll let you know how the game was.


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              Rocket: I hope your luck continues and you catch a HR hit by Mike Lowell.
              "He's tougher than a railroad sandwich."
              "You'se Got The Eye Of An Eagle."


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                Lawsuit Against Ticket Agencies

                Anyone heard about the lawsuit charging Ticket Agencies with violating the law? A Red Sox fan sued an agency because he wanted to purchase an $80 ticket and they wanted to charge him only $500. What's wrong with that, they have to eat too? I'm being sarcastic if you can't tell.

                Apparently there is a MA law stipulating that the agency can only charge a $2 fee plus any customer handling charges. So a judge has allowed the lawsuit to proceed.

                What I don't get is when I got rates for several ticket agencies for a seat at a game, almost all of them wanted to charge me the same amount of $215 for a seat down the RF line. WBZ reported that they have to pay many people to go down to Fenway Park to stand in line and wait for tickets once they go on sale.

                Isn't price fixing illegal? What about the spirit of free competition? My feeling is a maximum limit has to be set otherwise these agencies will keep raising the prices more and more. What about two or three times the ticket's face value?
                "He's tougher than a railroad sandwich."
                "You'se Got The Eye Of An Eagle."


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