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    Injury updates
    Daniel Malloy, Globe Correspondent

    We'll start with Manny, the most important banged up Red Sox at the moment. Suffering from a strained left oblique muscle, he's out indefinitely. According to Terry Francona, he's working hard to get back -- and he's doing it on the machine that millions of middle aged women across the country use every day.

    "He's in there on the elliptical," Francona said. "I think there's improvement, from talking to the medical people. I think where it improves enough to where he can think about playing he's going to come quick because he's been working so hard. He's doing everything, probably more. It's got to heal. He's doing a good job. He's been here earlier now than when he was playing, because he's not playing. He's got his schedule and he's done a good job."

    The next injury case is Tim Wakefield. He was a late scratch Friday night, after having a sore back. Red Sox fans are eternally greatful for the missed start, though, since it moved Julian Tavarez up a day and created a space for a kid named Clay Buchholz, who pitched a decent game Saturday night. It seems that Wake, who threw for the first time this afternoon, is back on track to start Thursday at Baltimore.

    "He''ll throw a side day tomorrow and hopefully be right on target for Thursday," Francona said. "Obviously we reserve the right to, if he goes through his bullpen and it's not perfect, to do something different, but I don't think anybody thinks that's not going to happen."

    Eric Gagne has been battling a sore shoulder, apparently tweaked when he was working too hard in a side session to recover from a rough start in Boston. He, too, appears to be improving.

    "Better," Francona said when asked how Gagne's doing. "He's not ready to pitch. When you've had a little bit of a layoff like he's had, there will have to be some throwing involved before we get him in a game. When that happens, we'll let you know where we're at."

    Especially at this time of the year this is what can really hurt a team and set it back, however this year different players, especially the recent callups, have contributed to the team's success. Manny is the one player I think most fans are concerned about. We're winning without him but we're going to have to have him healthy and ready for the playoffs. Improving to a 7 game lead over the holiday weekend is a big plus since we don't have to rush any player to get them healthy. That would just make things worse in the long run. Hopefully the Red Sox will not turn into the Red Cross and this team can have some big success in the playoffs and maybe bring home another World Series.

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    So what is up with Manny anyway? Westlake alluded that he has been cleared by the medical staff, yet he doesn't even come in to pinch hit? I can't seem to find a story about it. Could someone give me a link?
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