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The Papel Hurt?

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  • The Papel Hurt?

    I was watching yesterday's game and noticed...Paps was about 90-92 consistenly the whole time out there.

    What gives? I could have sworn he was usually in the 94-97 range?

    Is he hurt? Tired? Dead arm?
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    I don't think so. We protected him all year, and unless his shoulder is weaker than last year, he can handle three straight appearences. Maybe he just didn't get a good enough warmup, or just an off day.


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      Are you talking about Friday night's game?
      Papelbon's FB was consistently 94-95 on the gun they show at the park...maybe a tad low for him, but not bad.
      I think that the biggest problem that night was that Tek would basically only call from fastballs from all the pitchers. It was immensely frustrating, and I don't know why he wasn't shaken off more often. He barely called for Oki's change, Dice K threw about 80% fastballs and he's supposed to have 5 pitches, and Papelbon only threw FBs to Jeter, Abreu, and ARod. I think that the Yanks were used to just sitting on them by that point and could even hit Papelbon easily because there was no threat of being fooled.
      What a horrendous game...5 hours for 9 innings, a comeback that made the Bosox look weak and foolish, and questionable managing by Tito (why did Oki come in when he did???). That game was in hand, and Dice K showed a lot of guts to stick around as long as he did and constantly get out of jams...then, the team's spirit just gets crushed, anyway.
      I do have to admit that the Bosox got a lot of favorable calls from the men in blue, wouldn't have had that big lead in the first place without them.
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