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  • Ellsbury Over Drew

    outside of hitting one of the four consecutive home runs at fenway Jd drew has done nothing. For the money the sox gave him it has been a big waste, when manny gets back i really think Ellsburry should start over drew going into October. Does anybody else agree?

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    I agree. Drew doesn't seem to be doing anything at the plate or on the field lately. Ellsbury is hot all over the place. For such a young kid, he's showing great potential to be a starter for next year. I'd love to see him participate through October, since I think he brings strength to the team. He's great as a lead off hitter...and he's had at least one hit in every major league game he's played with the exception of one game in the last series with the Yankees.

    A lot of people have been talking about Ellsbury needing more at bats under his belt before becoming a starter for the Red Sox, but I think sending him back down to triple A is just a waste of time. If they've already got him, and he's doing great, why change things? But then you have to think of what will happen when Ramirez and Youkolis (and Crisp - lately) start playing again. Who gets pulled to keep Ellsbury in the game to get some hits for the team?


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