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Ellsbury series MVP?

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  • Ellsbury series MVP?

    If game four ends 1-0 for the sox, does Ellsbury win series MVP?
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    It's certainly plausible. That catch he made in the 9th could have been a game-saver.

    Wouldn't it be a hoot to have a September call-up be Series MVP? He hasn't even had enough at-bats at the Major League level to qualify as an official rookie, and here he could have easily picked up that prestigious honor!
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      I thought he should have been...he played all four games and was in the mix in all of them...the spark if you will.
      I think the Baseball Hierarchy made that decision against him...following more traditional thinking.
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        i thought he should be the MVP as well...i think Lowell had a great series and the last HR sewed it up for him.


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