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Red Sox all time 25 man roster

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  • Red Sox all time 25 man roster

    C: Carlton Fisk, Jason Varitek
    1B: David Ortiz, Jimmie Foxx
    2B: Dustin Pedroia, Bobby Doerr
    3B: Wade Boggs, Larry Gardner
    SS: Nomar Garciaparra, Rico Petrocelli
    LF: Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski, Jim Rice
    CF: Tris Speaker
    RF: Dwight Evans
    SP: Roger Clemens, Cy Young, Pedro Martinez, Lefty Grove, Luis Tiant
    RP: Bob Stanley, Dick Radatz, Johnathan Papelbon, Tom Burgmeier, Koji Uehara
    My dream ballpark dimensions
    LF: 388 Feet...Height 37 Feet...LCF: 455 Feet...CF: 542 Feet...Height 35 Feet
    RCF: 471 Feet...RF: 400 Feet...Height 60 Feet
    Location....San Diego

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    Not bad, but I'd drop Burgmeier in favor of Ellis Kinder.


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      I exclude people who used steroids, if you wonder about certain omissions:

      (C) Carlton Fisk, Rick Ferrell
      (1B) Jimmie Foxx, Stuffy McInnis
      (2B) Bobby Doerr, Dustin Pedroia
      (3B) Wade Boggs, Larry Gardner
      (SS) Joe Cronin, Vern Stephens
      (LF) Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski
      (CF) Tris Speaker, Dom DiMaggio
      (RF) Harry Hooper, Dwight Evans
      (SP) Lefty Grove, Cy Young, Pedro Martinez, Smoky Joe Wood, Luis Tiant
      (RP) Bob Stanley, Dick Radatz, Jonathan Papelbon
      (DH, or pinch hitter/utility man, depending on the rules) Jim Rice
      "They don't think it be like it is, but it do."- Oscar Gamble


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        Using only players who spent the majority and/or most successful parts of their careers in Boston...

        Catcher: Carlton Fisk, Jason Varitek
        First Base: David Ortiz, Jim Rice
        Second Base: Bobby Doerr, Dustin Pedroia
        Shortstop: Nomar Garciaparra, Joe Cronin
        Third Base: Wade Boggs, Rico Petrocelli
        Left Field: Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski
        Center Field: Fred Lynn, Dom DiMaggio
        Right Field: Dwight Evans, Mookie Betts

        Starting Pitcher: Cy Young, Roger Clemens, Pedro Martinez, Luis Tiant
        Relief Pitcher: Tim Wakefield (also 5th/spot starter), Bob Stanley, Ellis Kinder, Dick Radatz, Jonathan Papelbon


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          The Boston Red Sox began as the Boston Americans in 1901 and since then have gone on to win eight World Series and 14 league titles. Here’s my look at a team made up of the best players (so far) at each position in Red Sox history.

          Catcher: Carlton Fisk (1969-80). The Red Sox just didn’t seem the same when he left for the White Sox. Easily their best catcher in history.

          First base: Jimmie Foxx (1936-42). Hit .320 and slugged over .600 with the Red Sox. Had 50 homers, 175 RBIs in 1938.

          Second base: Bobby Doerr (1937-51). Doerr was consistently good throughout his career and missed a year for military service.

          Third base: Wade Boggs (1982-92). Won five batting titles and hit at least .357 in each of those years.

          Shortstop: Johnny Pesky (1942, 46-52). Could have gone with Nomar, but they call it Pesky’s Pole for a reason.

          Left field: Carl Yastrzemski (1961-87). Yaz was easily the best all-time Red Sox defensive outfielder, 3 batting titles, 7 Gold Gloves, and AL MVP.

          Center field: Tris Speaker (1907-15). A truly great but almost forgotten hitter.

          Right field: Dwight Evans (1972-90). Hit 379 home runs and won eight Gold Gloves. Steady and reliable.

          Designated hitter: Ted Williams (1939-60). Not much has been written about this mystery man, but he’s the hands-down winner here and of course, David Ortiz.


          Cy Young (1901-08): He was so good, they named the award for best pitcher after him.

          Roger Clemens (1984-96): Cy Young finished his career 192-112 with the Red Sox. Clemens finished 192-111.

          Pedro Martinez (1998-2004): What is Delino DeShields doing these days?

          Lefty Grove (1934-41): Spent the last eight seasons of his Hall of Fame career with Boston and led the AL in ERA four times.


          Dick Radatz (1962-66): The Monster struck out more than a batter an inning back when that was a rare feat.

          Jonathan Papelbon (2005-11): Boston’s all-time saves leader. They haven’t had a lot of great long-term closers.

          Ken Fougère


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            How about managers?

            Joe Cronin (1935-47)
            1236-1055 (.540), winningest manager in franchise history
            Postseason: 3-4, 1 pennant (1946, lost 3-4 vs. Cardinals)

            Bill Carrigan (1913-16, 1927-29)
            489-500 (.494)
            Postseason: 8-2, 2 pennants, 2 WS titles (1915, won 4-1 vs. Phillies; 1916, won 4-1 vs. Robins)

            Jimmy Collins (1901-06)
            455-376 (.548)
            Postseason: 5-3, 2 pennants, 1 WS title (1903, won 5-3 vs. Pirates; no WS played in 1904)

            Terry Francona (2004-11)
            744-552 (.574), 1 division title (2007)
            Postseason: 28-17, 5 appearances, 2 pennants, 2 WS titles (2004, won 4-0 vs. Cardinals; 2007, won 4-0 vs. Rockies)

            Cronin and Francona are likely the two best options.


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              And, well... for GMs, is there any competition for Theo Epstein?


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