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Red Sox 25 man Playoff Roster

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  • Red Sox 25 man Playoff Roster

    What do you think of who will be on post season roster?
    25 man roster. -- I'd go with 11 pitchers and 14 position players.

    SP -- (4) Sale, Price, Porcello (whoever pitches better between ERod and Eovaldi down the stretch). It would be nice for a lefty to come out of the pen but ERod seems to do better vs rh batters than left.

    BP-- (7) ERod or Eovaldi, Kimbrel, Barnes, Brasier,Kelly, Hembree and Johnson.

    Starters-- (9) Leon, Moreland, Kinsler, Xander, Devers, Beni, JBJ, Mookie, and JDM.

    Bench-- (5) Pearce, Swihart, Vazquez, Holt, Nunez.

    ** If Swihart goes into a funk or Vazquez plays poorly I would consider one other pitcher from Workman, Velazquez, Thornburg, or Poyner. My 1st option though would be 14 position players. I think managers get too cautious about pulling a lousy hitting catcher if they only have 2. And ofc I think Nunez, Holt and Pearce are critical - so it comes down to 3 catchers or 12 pitchers?

    There is a real possibility that Vazquez will stink when he comes back . . . Or when he comes back he just doesn't play enough. As well as Leon and Swihart are playing, how much would you use Vaz?

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    Odd to say this -- Pomeranz has looked okay his last two games. Eovaldi hasn't. And hoping Wright can come back.


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