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Bigger Icon in Red Sox History – Williams or Ortiz?

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  • SamtheBravesFan
    I agree. Ortiz is a Boston legend too, but he hasn't been written about in the same light as Ted Williams. Ortiz isn't known as the guy who proclaimed he had hitting down to a science or was the direct inspiration for Joey Votto's approach at the plate. Heck, Williams has a weird post-life story around the family's argument about what's being done with his remains.

    Ortiz, in my humblest of opinions, is not going to reach that level of mystique.

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  • GiambiJuice
    Ted Williams of course. It's not debatable.

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  • Bigger Icon in Red Sox History – Williams or Ortiz?

    Ted Williams
    David Ortiz
    Ted Williams was a Red Sox from the day he got scouted. Ortiz played all of his relevant years in Boston.

    Ted Williams hit 521 dingers, the last one coming in his final at-bat. David Ortiz upped that by 20 (with 483 of his 541 career HRs in Boston).

    Ted Williams only got into one postseason, and couldn't hit a lick against the Cardinals. David Ortiz has 3 WS rings and a multitude of memorable October moments.

    At his peak, Ted Williams seemed to lead the league in everything, won two Triple Crowns and two MVPs. David Ortiz got two legs of the TC once, and has ALCS and WS MVPs to his name.

    Ted Williams was a 19-time All-Star (inc. 2 years with 2 ASGs, and selections in all but two of his 19 seasons). David Ortiz was a 10-time All-Star in 14 seasons with the Sox.

    Ted Williams was arguably the GOAT hitter. David Ortiz led the charge in breaking the Curse.

    Who's the bigger Red Sox icon? Teddy Ballgame or Big Papi?

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