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  • Greetings

    Hey everyone! I'm big on watching the Red Sox since I moved to MA nearly a decade ago. Anyhow, I stumbled across your site, and I might be interested in posting on here. It looks like a solid community.

    I actually recently started up a podcast about the Red Sox, and I wanted to get your input on it. It's just the first show, but I want people to get involved and perhaps I could have some of you ON THE SHOW as guest callers!

    Intro music, callers, format, and everything will be patched up over the next couple months. I need your help. PLEASE GIVE IT A LISTEN.

    Aside from my podcasting, I heart the Celtics (even during the 06-07 season) and I look forward to watching the playoffs. I'm just about to pull out of my bruins cap from the bottom of my closet to cheer them on during the playoffs. When it comes to hockey and soccer, I am a bandwagoner, fairweather fan, and I comfortable saying that. There's nothing wrong with people like us. The Celtics and the Red Sox are the 2 teams that I consider myself a diehard fan.

    Looking forward to seeing you guys around! Peace...

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    Welcome to BBF, Zuzubar! I hope your stay here will be long and engaged. I'm going to give you a head's up, however, because we have a standing policy regarding solicitation for other sites. Please take a moment to review the policies you will find stickied to the top of each forum at our site. I'm going to let it stand for the moment, mainly because this doesn't appear to be a commercial solicitation, but don't be too surprised, or offended, if someone comes along and deletes the thread. In the future, please contact our Webmaster for permission when drawing our forumers to an outside site.

    Enjoy the season, and Go Red Sox! :gt

    2007 World Series Champions
    The Boston Red Sox


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      players now are so hot in doing game.. maybe celtics could gain a high position in that game..
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        battle against me online

        Anyway, I do like the Boston Red Sox, but I've been so busy that I haven't paid much attention to the season. Maybe I'll have more time next season to even watch a few games. But I don't know, my boss is such a workaholic!

        Enry Thomas
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