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Ortiz and his slump...

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    Originally posted by VTSoxFan View Post
    It was good to see that beaming smile last night. It was funny how he got the cold shoulder in the dugout after the GS, but then everyone pounced on him, like a rookie with his first homer finally under his belt.
    Did Ortiz high five the air like a rookie does when he hit his first home-run?


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      Originally posted by NJMetfan4life View Post
      Have any of you noticed that he was slumping from when his jersey was buried until it was dug up.
      Originally posted by Imgran View Post
      Of all things, it was the Yankee stadium jersey. Instead of cursing the Yankees it gave Papi Yankee-style clutch-suckitude!

      2 last night after Hank gets the jersey out of his stadium. Papi's on his way back. He goes deep tonight.

      Next time, bury a jersey from a player who isn't active, guys.

      Why no.


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        I was listening to the Yankees telecast the other day, and Michael Kay mentioned David Ortiz saying that he know he was going to struggle after going to Japan. Big Papi said he went to Japan a few years ago as part of a Major League all-star team, and it took a while to get back to feeling normal.

        Al Leiter, now the Yankees color commentator, said that Mike Mussina went to Japan a few seasons ago, and he brought peanut butter and bread with him so he didn't have to leave his hotel room the entire time except to go to the stadium to pitch.


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          He had the game tying single tonight and scored the go-ahead run on Manny Ramirez's 496th Home Run so he's getting farther out of it...
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          Originally posted by nymdan
          Too... much... math... head... hurts...
          Originally posted by RuthMayBond
          I understand, I lost all my marbles years ago


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            In response to NEM-
            "My other car is Jimmy Hofa"-so don't try digging him up.
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              Last 3 games

              He is 5/12 (.416) over the last 3 games, and 9/32 (.281) over the last 7. I'll take 281 from Papi any season. His average isn't going to come up to 280 in a couple of days, it takes a while. But it looks to me like for the past week he's doing just what we expect......

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