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  • Hello From Arizona

    Hey Sox fans.

    I just found this forum today, and signed up. I am a long time Sox fan, originally from Massachusetts, living in Arizona for past 19 years.

    I go way back and have lots of great stories, and memories that I will love to share with you.

    I am going to be 69 years old in two weeks, so I have many, many memories.

    And, of course, I am one of those guys who, in 2004, after we won the Series in St. Louis, had to go out and buy one of those t-shirts that said, "Now I Can Die In Peace."

    I am the founder and president Emeritus of The New England Patriots Fan Club Of Arizona, now in our 12th season, and with almost 1,000 Patriot fans on our membership rolls.

    When Bob Kraft was here during Super Bowl week, and he came down to our club, with his son Jonathan, and Andre Tippett, he said, on the microphone, "This is my favorite Fan Club In America."

    But, I wont bore you with Pats stuff as this is a Sox forum.

    If any of you are Pats fans, come on and check out my fan forum for the Pats at

    Here we go Red Sox, Here We Go.
    Patriot fans, check out the newest, and best, Patriot Fan Forum on the net. Lots of good stuff.

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    Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your time here.

    For football talk, you might want to visit Pigskin Fever, which many of Baseball Fever's members also enjoy.

    Go Sox! :gt
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    Remember Yellowdog


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      It's great to have you aboard, NEM. I'm sure looking forward to some of your stories and your memories.

      It will be refreshing to hear from someone who has been around for a while and thus remembers what it was like back then before we started sweeping the World Series every few years.
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        Hi NEM. I'm also a transplanted Sox fan, it was off to North Dallas for me. Though my time online is sporadic, I've found this board to be full of great opinions... I'm sure you'll find the same.


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          welcome to my old friend Mike.


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