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    I'd say that Red Sox fans should not fret too much over the lack of a quality backup catcher. First, Flaherty's bat was pretty much dead at this point, so I'm sure Bard or Huckaby or someone else, could provide more offense than Flaherty.

    But also, from experience, before the Yanks had Flaherty, and after they had Giradi, they went three seasons with patchwork at the backup catcher spot. In 2000 it was Chris Turner, in 2001 it was Todd Greene, in 2002 it was Chris Widger, and in none of those three seasons did any of the backup catchers get more than 96 ABs. Granted, Varitek is a little older than Posada was in those days and probably does need some more rest (especially considering that he has tired in the second half the past few years), but I think the Sox will be ok with Bard or Huckaby catching. Of course, there is still the concern about catching Wakefield's knuckleball, but again, I think the Sox will be able to get by. Plus with Arroyo and Papelbon around, Wakefield may be pushed out of the rotation at some point anyway.


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      Originally posted by efin98
      Bard is inexperienced and is probably better off in Pawtucket for the start of the season.

      They do have another guy in camp trying to make the roster that should get a good look- Ken Huckaby. He's got the most experience among the contenders for the backup spot, having been in 153 games over the past five seasons with a high of 88 in 2002. I'd rather have him on the team catching Wakefield until Bard is experienced enough.
      Efin , you think AAA baseball gives MLB experience


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        Originally posted by whosyourpapi
        Efin , you think AAA baseball gives MLB experience
        I never said that. I said spending time in Pawtucket while the other play and could switch out at a later point. They can only get major league experience in the majors but at least in Pawtucket they could refine their skills to conform to Boston's pitching. It's the only way to get that refinement in a real game setting, it can't be done in Spring Training while catching AA and A level pitchers.
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