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  • Stern on Fire

    Is anyone else watching Adam Stern in te WBC? Yesterday against South Africa he was 2 for 3 with 2 runs scored, including a game tying double. So far today against USA he's 3 for 4 with 4 RBI and an inside the park homerun. His only out was on a very close play at first in which he might have been safe.

    Not only that he made a very nice diving catch out in center defensively.

    He's looking pretty good to me, and I'm glad we have him coming off the bench, at least at this point he has impressed me.

    Anyone else have any thoughts?
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    Red Sox players on fire!

    Stern with the stats you told...Ortiz with two homers Varitek with a grand slam to make it 8-6...

    I think the dominidcans will win it all, despite of missing Ramirez, Martinez and Guerrero.

    Watch this potential Lineup:

    SP P.Martinez. C Castillo 1B Pujols 2B Soriano 3B Beltre SS Tejada LF Ramirez CF Taveras/Alou RF Guerrero DH Ortiz

    This Lineup has 7 40 HR hitters...unbelievable. Nobody could ever beat this team. Agree?
    I know you're watching, Si. Bu.


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      Stern with another huuuuge CF-catch a the wall....Just fantastic!
      I know you're watching, Si. Bu.


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        He's probably earned his spot on the 25 man roster this year, maybe even top replacement for when Trot goes down again in July or August
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          Stern with an inside-the-park round trip and Tek with his 2nd GS of his career. I can't wait for these guys to get back. Losing 12-1 to a largely dismantled Marlins squad is embarassing.

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            Im glad that stern is proving himself. He was sort of fun to watch last season. (except when he got picked off or messed up on the basepaths.) He's wicked fast and got some good talent. But I think we have better back up outfielders like Dustan Mohr. I hope he has a good season this year though. The WBC is indicating he may.
            go sox.



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              Stern's a good player, and fast as a porshe. He just needs to watch those injuries, which are really what holds him back.


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