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    I'm hoping Manny Ramirez gets to 500 soon since it seems that the milestones always slow the players down a little bit. It seems like Griffey is stuck as well as he approaches 600.

    Real question is... where will Manny be next year? Left Field in the Bronx perhaps? lol
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    Originally posted by Chasing74 View Post
    ...Real question is... where will Manny be next year? Left Field in the Bronx perhaps? lol
    I think that after his catch in left field in Camden Yards where he high-fived the Red Sox fan and then threw back to the infield to complete a double play, the Orioles will be after him as a defensive replacement.


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      Originally posted by Chasing74 View Post
      Real question is... where will Manny be next year? Left Field in the Bronx perhaps? lol
      When Manny hits 500, he'll drop the bat and raise his arms at home...a shaft of light will drop down from the sky, and Manny will ascend to whatever extradimensional plane from beyond spacetime that he originally came from. He will never be seen again by humans.
      A quick call will be made to Bud Selig, and a pinch runner will be allowed to run out the HR so it still counts.

      Seriously, I don't see it as a 100% given that the Bosox will exercise the option, as many people seem to. If Manny falls much short of .300-30HRs, Theo is going to think real hard about this call. The Yanks have enough guys who should be DHing, I'd say maybe Seattle or KC. Although, I guess Giambi will be gone from the NYYs....
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        I agree with hellborn that the Sox picking up his two option years is not a given. But, if he is still productive I do think they will be willing to overpay him because of the lack of power bats available.

        As for 500 homers, I don't expect it to impact Manny. He just doesn't get too high or low.


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          Lately, life's obligations and surprises have taken me from BBF more than I'd like, but they've also made it impossible to sit back and follow the Sox as closely as if I were retired and had season tickets.

          This evening I had to set up a 2nd bed for my wife who, since becoming pregnant with our first child, has had trouble sleeping. Earlier today we went to Babies-R-Us to register for baby stuff. We saw all kinds of Red Sox gear for infants, which is a total money trap, but we still registered for the Red Sox mobile with baseballs and Wally's. I have to say, however, the Build-A-Bear, build your own Wally was a must once we learned we are having a boy. A girl would probably love him too, but knowing how I was, I KNOW he'll love it for life.

          So I was tired, babied-out, as it were, and trying to clean off a bed frame when I heard the knock of a ball that sounded like it was going deep. For a brief second, I was ripped from my increasingly domestic, impending-fatherhood-world, as I watched a ball sail deep into the Right Field Grandstands at Camden Yards.

          And that's what I'm going to tell my son I was doing when Manny Ramirez hit his 500th career home run.

          Thanks Manny! :applaud:

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