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Any news on Dice-K's injury?

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  • Any news on Dice-K's injury?

    Not the best time for our hottest pitcher to be going down with an injury. Hopefully it's nothing serious, but so much for being able to log long innings.
    Dustin Pedroia was asked what the Red Sox need to do to turn it around. They have lost six straight and 14 of 21.
    “I don’t know. I’m not a magic person. I just play second base,” he said.

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    He wasn't injured, he was just scared to keep playing the Mariners!

    In all seriousness, I hope he is ok. The Red Sox are probably my favorite team in the AL East.


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      I don't think the MRI is until Friday morning. For now they are just hoping it is just fatigue.
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        i dont believe it is shoulder fatigue...since he grabbed his hip as soon as it happened. The Red Sox are like the Patriots when it comes medical reports...very vague and sketchy at best


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          Matsuzaka landed on the DL with a rotator cuff strain.


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            It seems like it isn't that big of a deal. DiceK even tried to convince Theo and Tito that he didn't need to go on the DL, but that didn't work. They are just going to strengthen it for about a week, and then let him pitch again, and in 2 weeks they're optimistic he'll be ready to go. On a side note, to take his place, Masterson has been called up again. That's awesome. I need to watch that whole game. I missed most of his first two games.


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              HOW DO I START MY OWN THREAD? i dont know how and i dont understand


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