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Which of you guys still like Damon ?

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    Originally posted by Jager
    Don't be a *******. This years Sox are better than the Yankees. Your offense had nothing to do with why you didn't win last year. Your pitching is every bit as bad, and maybe even worse since your two best pitchers are another year older. Meanwhile, The Sox got younger and better. You'll be eating crow at the end of the season when the Sox win the division.
    I agree the Yankee pitching really sucks this year and i'm glad for it........
    I have two teams ,The Boston Red sox and anybody beating the Yankee's....GO SOX



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      the yank's pitching is HORRIBLE.. I can only name 2 starters that
      can maybe put up big numbers- Mussina and the Big Unit.

      who the hell is that? he had 1 good year.. he's not looking too fresh this year..

      the name says it all.. i dont expect much outta this guy.

      G-A-R-B-A-G-E! i haven't seen this guy throw anything decent the last 2 seasons.. yea he's been injured but this year hes not looking impressive at all.

      (I'm sooo glad we ended up not signing him after we won in '04)
      Where has this guy been besides the DL? nowhere.. i dont think he's
      even returning to the starting rotation when he's healthy. if healthy he might be someone to be somewhat timid of.

      Big Unit:
      yea he's old but still pretty good.. i dont really doubt him.

      i dont know if its just me... but does it seem like this is gonna be a horrible
      year for him? i watched him pitch the other night and he seems to be throwing the ball a lot slower then last year. like i said, it could just be me.

      Yanks Bullpen:
      um.........Farnsworth? He was nice with the braves.. hasnt done much for the yanks this year.

      Sturtze: Garbage? not impressed with him either.. hes no timlin or even tavarez.

      rivera: still very good.. only guy in the 'pen that id be worried about.

      what does everyone else think? i think we have a MUCH stronger pitching staff then the yanks.. as long as we stay healthy im calling Schill and Beckett towin 20 or more.

      Beckett sounds like a nice CY YOUNG award winner.. Agree?


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