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Where Did Brian Daubach Go??

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    He went to AAA,but not with the pawsox. He went to the mets
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      Alas, I fear Brian's career has finally come to an end, on Saturday the Mets designated him for assignment. It's not likely anyone will pick him up.

      It's too bad, he's one classy guy!


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        Daubach update

        For anyone who's interested, Brian Daubach is going to ST with the Cardinals as an NRI, and Lou Merloni is with the Indians as an NRI.


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          I am interested. Thanks for the update, Pesky! Here's hoping the guys make their respective teams. It'd be especially cool for Dauber, as the Cards are his hometown team.
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            I was just thinking about Dauber and decided to check the internet to see if I could find some info on him and I found this site. I got to know him when he was in Boston (his #1fan) what a nice man. I was glad to hear that he was indeed awarded a World Series ring from the team for his play with the team earlier in 2004.
            I read one of the postings here about how he met his wife. He did not meet her in Baltimore, he met her in Boston. The sportscasters that do the radio broadcast of the Sox games were talking about it one day. One of them, Joe Castiglione was saying how he goes to a certain place to have his hair cut and he was telling a girl that worked there that he had the perfect guy for her. He was nice, a gentleman and hard-working. She did not want anything to do with a professional ballplayer, but Joe said, just give him a chance, I guarantee you will like him....and the rest is history. He married her a year later and they had a son last year.


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