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  • not THAT Ramirez

    So are BoSox fans regretting the Hanley Ramirez trade yet?
    Kid seems like he's the real deal after all.
    I know it's early but he's looking very nice.

    AVG .373 | HR 2 | RBI 6 | OBP .439 | SLG .667

    If you could do it over would anyone be for keeping Hanley?
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    No I'm perfectly happy with Beckett thanks. Besides we have some good prospects down in AAA and AA that play SS.


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      I agree with Jager. I also have a gut feeling (usually wrong! ) that Hanley won't pan out in the end.
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        Not regretting it right now.
        "As I grew up, I knew that as a building (Fenway Park) was on the level of Mount Olympus, the Pyramid at Giza, the nation's capitol, the czar's Winter Palace, and the Louvre — except, of course, that is better than all those inconsequential places." - Bart Giamatti

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          Yeah....Beckett is 3-0, 1.29 ERA with 21 IP in 3 starts. Ramirez could be good...but you gotta make that trade all day long if you're Boston.
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            It was defientley worth it. Beckett is pitching very well, an ace. And we also got a good defensive 3rd baseman who can also hit the ball well in Lowell. Maybe someday we might miss Hanley but I dont think thats anytime soon.
            go sox.



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              I thought the trade was mutually beneficial.

              Ramirez got to finally break into the majors while the Red Sox got two guys who have contributed to their 10-4 AL leading record...
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                I miss Matt Murton much more than I miss Hanley.
                I nearly had a coniption the first time I saw his name roll across the bottom of the screen on ESPNNEWS as being a throw in in the Nomar/O-Cab, Dougie M. deal. I was soooooo pissed. I spent the next couple days basicly saying "you watch, this is Theo's Bagwell deal". Well we won and everything turned out better than we all could have expected. But the fact that Murton is basicly going to be a star and we didn't get anywhere near that type of player in return just leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

                The Hanley trade to me is the perfect trade. Both teams get exactly what they are looking for from the deal and even the supposed monetary albatross of the deal, Mike Lowell, looks to be a to the very least a steady contributor and adequate replacement for the Pro.
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                  Beckett is great, but let's just hope those foul blister problems don't pop up later in the season.

                  It's still early, I don't think Hanley will become of the best SS in MLB. I'm sure he'll be a solid SS when it's all said and done. Hey, we could always get Hanley back when the Marlins have another fire sale in like two or three years.


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                    congratulations Boston Manny got his first Homerun today. As for the other Manny, I like him down in Florida, he looks like he'll be a solid player in the future along with the rest of that Marlins team.

                    P.S. Beckett is a stud


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