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  • Changing of the Guard?

    Painful loss notwithstanding, today in the BlueJays/Sox game we saw Papelbon implode and Daniel Bard relieve him. Granted, the out that Bard got led to the game-winning run, but is this the start of a new regime? It's evident that the league has caught up to Papelbon and he's done little to adjust, while Bard has been spectacular. Thoughts?

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    could be...who knows


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      I've thought that Bard has had better stuff than Papelbon all year. I think it's time - past time, actually - to start making that switch. Bard can't be any less reliable, can he?
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        probably...but if they do make a switch, it will diminsh any trade value he has. I say if the Sox are ready to turn over the job to Bard, then they should trade Paps during the winter meetings or spring training. He has no use to use if he is not the closer.


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          I think Papelbon still sees himself as this elite closer who is on Mariano's level and he is not. I think that if he threw more splitters he would be more effective. I'm appreciative of his past contributions (particularly the 2007 playoffs/world series) but he's quickly pitching himself out of the closer role. I think this could be his last season in Boston and Bard could definitely take his place. The question would then be who becomes the setup man?
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