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Whose Return to Fenway is Bigger?

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    Originally posted by DoubleX
    You don't think someone other than Mirabelli could have been brought in and done a better job than Bard?
    Yup, maybe, but doubtful mid-season.
    The bigger question is why risk the outcome when Mirabelli is available?

    Originally posted by DoubleX
    I bet even Varitek could have handled it better.
    Marginally better, but that would only result in another set of problems. Boston does not need the team captain spending an exorbitant amount of time practicing catching a knuckleball.

    Originally posted by DoubleX
    Granted, the Sox may not have found someone as good as Mirabelli at catching it, but I still think there is limited value in a personal catcher for your no. 3 or 4 starter.
    Yup, I agree. There is limited value in it.
    Much of Mirabelli's homecoming was about sentimentality, there's no question. I also agree with Evangelion when he commented on the "Damon" factor in that particular game. When it all boils down, though, who cares, really, about the limited value at this point? It's been that way, and it's that way again. There's not enough of a negative affect on the roster emanating from this tandem, IMO, to give it much worry.
    "Anything less would not have been worthy of me. Anything more would not have been possible." - Carl Yastrzemski


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      Time for me to butcher what Judas Demon was saying:
      Johnny Damon was unfazed by the booing he received in his first game back at Fenway Park but he pointed out yesterday that maybe he's not the only one frustrated Red Sox fans should blame. If fans are going to be mad, Damon said, perhaps some of that anger should be directed at Sox executives
      Yea,he proved to be unfazed by going 0-4 at the plate.Maybe he should shut his trap about how we should be mad at Ownership,if hes going to give us advice,maybe he should of listened to us about not going to NY.He didn't care or listen to us,so why should I listen to him??
      "There are not many teams who fail to pursue their most popular players or their better players," Damon said before last night's rainout. "I know the Yankees would never do that. If Derek Jeter's (contract is) up, if Bernie Williams is up, they're going to keep them.
      Easy to re-sign someone when you have 800mill down your sleeve.He should stop being a cocky little pinstriper and stop calling himself good or popular,IDC if he was, you don't praise yourself like that.
      These people are real upset, but it's year after year," Damon said before naming several other members of the 2004 World Series team that departed. "Me, (Kevin) Millar, Pedro (Martinez) - one of the game's greatest pitchers of all time," he said. "He's always going to be looked at as a Red Sox, but there's a line to the way you feel you should be treated and the way other things happen."
      They didn't go to the Yankees.
      After four years with Boston, Damon jumped to the Bombers last winter when he signed a four-year, $52 million contract. The Sox reportedly offered no more than $40million over four seasons, and according to Damon, hardly made an effort to negotiate.
      40 million?Wow maybe i was wrong,how could anyone live with those wages?Poor guy.
      Walking down the streets, people said, 'We hate that you're a Yankee, but we loved the way you played,'" he said. "Fans are generally nice - they just wanted to get under my skin. I have thick skin."
      Joe Torre said he was pleased that Damon had gotten past the return but added, "I'm disappointed in the fans. I just didn't think it was right. I think that lacked respect."
      I will never respect tratiors.
      "These guys were planning their lives around what I do, which is pretty amazing," Damon said. "Thanks for caring so much. They didn't care about cheering on their team, all they cared about was booing me. If that's what they want to do, so be it. I'd rather be cheering for Big Papi than booing me."
      Is that English?I think what he was trying to say is that the fans took time out of thier busy schedule of watching the game to boo for him.Pretty sure we did cheer for Big Papi,and we still somehow had the lung capacity to Boo him too?!.Congratulations,you wouldn't like to Boo yourself,Damon.Why do guys like Big papi still talk to this guy?He's ripping YOUR fans,Red Sox players.


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