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Is Bobby Valentine a good choice by the Red Sox?

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    I think they should keep valentine till the end of the season and then fire him just as a punishment for those players and their pathetic effort (the season is lost anyway). that is probably what the office is going to do.
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      no...Leyland in terrible. has over stayed his tenure in Detroit. mis uses players.


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        Bobby v the perfect clown

        Originally posted by SwissRedSoxFan View Post

        Bobby Valentines day. Watch the 20 second video and make your own opinion. I think he is embarrassing and that it is a disgrace that a clown like that is becoming the new Red Sox manager.

        During 8 years it has worked perfectly well to have a player manager like Francona. 8 years minus one month. For the Red Sox FO (or should I say ownership) thats already enough to make a one-eighty and go get a clown-drill-sergeant.
        When the Boston hired Bobby V, who had won at Japan, they did not mean ridiculous half controversial personality into account, it was the same guy that had in its competitive clubs hands and did not win, was expelled from a game and returned to the bench disguised as a mustache and glasses, which made a sovereign ridiculous, in a team that needed more moral support to a "wise" manager.
        Last year the Red Sox were questioned by eat and drink beer at the wrong time, threw to Francona and brought to Valentine, but returned to forget that it was this, as mandated by the game with the Mets in the midst of disappointing defeats and game schedule, that played Bonilla and Ricky Henderson cards among others.
        "The manager of John Henry" sought to blame Kevin Youkilis of the new curse that lies ahead on the club, I don't know if it is true, but it seems exaggerated.
        Meanwhile, the Office it is very concerned because leaked that, at a meeting with the players, some suggested the dismissal of the manager, they opened the drawer with the cockroaches, when they should be because, as ratification of the American way of dealing with things, possibly health club you want most to the gauge to the owner.


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          Bobby V is gone after tonight's game. Never understood why he was hired.


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