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  • 2012 MLB amateur draft

    The 2011 draft had the best talent in years specially in pitching but also in position players and with very good depth. The 2012 draft has very good pitching talent (both in College and High school) but the position players talent is a bit behind the 2011 draft and the draft's depth isn't as strong.

    There are few changes around the 2012 draft, as the draft is going to have a semi cap of what the organizations can spend (bonus) in the players that they drafted. For example the Red Sox will be able to spend about 60% of what they spend in 2011 compare to what they spend in 2012 (around 11M in 2011) to around 6.9 M what they can spend in 2012, other wise there will be penalties which can results in loosing draft picks the following year. In addition the August 15 deadline to sign players has been change to a mid July date deadline. Which means organizations will have about a month less to evaluate their draft picks in Summer leagues.

    High school school base started about 3 weeks (in the sun belt states) and division 1 (non division 1 also started a couple weeks ago) started the pass weekend.

    The college and High school top prospects for the 2012 draft.

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    Top College RHP:

    01- Chris Beck (Georgia Southern)
    02- Mark Appel (Stanford)
    03- Kevin Gausman (LSU)
    04- Michael Wacha (Texas A&M)
    05- Nolan Sandburn (Arkansas)
    06- Kyle Zimmer (San Francisco)
    07- Marcus Stroman (Duke)
    08- Jake Barrett (Arizona St)
    09- J.T. Chargois (Rice)
    10- Branden Kline (Virginia)*
    11- Blake Hauser (VCU)
    12- Brady Rogers (Arizona St)
    13- Kyle Hansen (St John U)
    14- Austin Maddox (Florida)
    15- Pat Light (Monmouth U)
    16- D.J. Baxendale (Arkansas)
    17- Buck Farmer (Georgia Tech)
    18- Hudson Randall (Florida)
    19- Matt Koch (Louisville)
    20- Dylan Floro (California St Fullerton)
    21- Josh Conway (Coastal Carolina U)
    22- Kevin Brady (Clemson)
    23- Stephen Johnson (St Edwards/TX)
    24- Dan Langfield (Menphis)
    25- Matt Price (South Carolina)

    Drafted by the Red Sox out of High school 3 years ago.
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      Top High school RHP:

      01-Lucas Giolito (Santa Monica/California)
      02-Lance McCullers (Tampa/Fla)
      03-Walker Weikel (Tampa/Fla)
      04-Duane Underwood (Hiram/Georgia)
      05-Lucas Sims (Lawrenceville/Georgia
      06-Taylor Cherry (Dayton/Ohio)
      07-Cody Poteet (Bonita/California)
      08-Ryan Barr (Highland Ranch/Colorado)
      09-Clate Schmult (Acworth/Georgia)
      10-Carson Fulmer (Lakeland/Fla)
      11-Ryan McNeil Nipomo/California)
      12-Ty Buttrey (Mattews/NC)
      13-Nick Travieso (Pembroke Pines/Fla)
      14-Ty Hensley (Edmond/Oklahoma)
      15-Mitchell Traver (Sugar land/TX)
      16-Tucker Simpson (Oxford/Alabama)
      17-Kayden Porter (Spanish Fork/Uthat)
      18-Edwin Diaz (Puerto Rico)
      19-Orlando Berrios (Puerto Rico)
      20-Connor Baits (San Diego/California)
      21-Hunter Wood (Rogers/Arkansas)
      22-Daniel Starwalt (El Cajon/California)
      23-Shane Watson (Hawthorne/California)
      24-Jake Thompson (Rockwell/Tx)
      25-Erich Knob (Conway/SC)
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        Top College LHP:

        01- Brian Johnson (Florida)
        02- Lex Rurledge (Samford U/Alabama)
        03- Andrew Heaney (Oklahoma St)
        04- Justin Jones (California)
        05- Alex Wood (Georgia)
        06- Sam Selmann (Vandervilt)
        07- Mason Melotakis (Northwestern State/ Louisiana)
        08- Hoby Milner (Texas)
        09- Matt Boyd (Oregon St)
        10- Joe Mantiply (Virginia Tech)
        11- Tim Cooney (Wake Forest)
        12- Brett Mooneyham (Stamford)
        13- Dietrich Enns (Central Michigan)
        14- Ty Blach (Creighton U)
        15- Taylor Rogers (Kentucky)
        16- Joe Rogers (Central Florida)
        17- Tyler Joyner (East Carolina)
        18- Randall Fant (Arkansas)
        19- Blake Holovach (Missouri)
        20- Mason McVay (Florida International)

        PS Christian Jones (Oregon) and Sam Stafford (Texas) where ranked in the top ten but are going to miss the 2012 with injuries.
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          Top H.S. LHP:

          01- Mattew Smoral (Solon/Ohio)
          02- Max Fried (Encino/California)
          03- Hunter Virant (Camarillo/California)
          04- Austin Fairchild (Houston/Tx)
          05- Mattew Crownover (Ringold/Georgia)
          06- Max Foody (Vidra beach/Fla)
          07- Nathan Kirby Middlothian/Virginia)
          08- Chase Mullins (Paris/Kentucky)
          09- Cole Irvin (Anaheim/California)
          10- Kyle Twomey (Placentia/California)
          11- Brett Lilek (South Holland/Illinois)
          12- Colin Rogers (Baton Rouge/Louisiana)
          13- Tyler Pike (Winter Heaven/Fla)
          14- Jake Drossner (Richboro/Pa)
          15- Zak Wasiliewski (Tazewell/Virginia)
          16- Alex Robinson (Hawlett/NY)
          17- Zack Irwin (Madisson/Mississippi)
          18- Dylan Silva (Lakeworth/Fla)
          19- Jack Wynkoop Virginia beach/Virginia)
          20- Anthony Seise (Winter Garden/Fla)
          21- Andres Martinez (Penbroke Pines/Fla)
          22- Cory Geisler (Springs/Tx)
          23- Mason Felt (Braselton/ Georgia)
          24- Jordan Minch (Highland/ Indianopolis)
          25- Logan James (Fair Oaks/California)
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            Top college catchers:

            01- Mike Zunino (Florida)
            02- Josh Elander (TCU)
            03- Dane Phillips (Oklahoma City)
            04- Peter O'brien (Miami)
            05- Tom Murphy (Buffalo U)
            06- Ronnie Freeman (Kennesaw St/Georgia)
            07- Kevin Plawecki (Purdue)
            08- Stefan Sabol (Orange coast JC/California)
            09- Patrick Cantwell (stony Brook U/NY)
            10- Carlos Escobar (Nevada U)
            11- Max Rossiiter (Arizona St)
            12- Zach Wright ( East Carolina)
            13- Spencer Kieboom (Clemson)
            14- Danny Sheppard (Iowa)
            15- joe Hudson (Notre Dame)

            PS in general a weak group specially after the top 6.

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              The top H.S. catchers

              01- Wyatt Mathiesen (Corpus Christy/Tx)
              02- Bryan De La Rosa (Puerto Rico
              03- Clint Coulter (Camas/Washington)
              04- Nelson Rodriguez (Bronx/NY)
              05- Stryker Trahan (Lake Charles/Louisiana)
              06- C.J. Saylor (West Covina/California)
              07- Chris Chinea (Miami/Fla)
              08- Jason Goldstein (Highland Parl/Illinois)
              09- Tomas Nido (Puerto Rico)
              10- R. J. Ibarra ( Riverside/California)
              11- Wilfredo Rodriguez (Puerto Rico)
              12- Phildrick Llewellyn (Coral Springs/Fla)
              13- Jovan Hernadez (Heath/Tx)
              14- Michael Clement (Cooper City/Fla)
              15- Niklas Stephenson (Del Mar/California)
              16- Scott Williams (Berwyn/Pa)
              17- Boomer White (Houston/Tx)
              18- Blake Hickman (Chicago/Illinois)
              19- Charles Moorman (Lake side/California)
              20- Daniel Garner (Madison/Alabama)
              21- Chris Eades (Slidell/Louisiana)
              22- Christian Nunez (Puerto Rico)
              23- Casey Schroeder (Ottawa/Canada)
              24- Darrel Miller (Anaheim/California)
              25- A.J. Kennedy (Anaheim/California)

              PS Florida's Taylor Gunshue and Oennsylvania's Chris Harvey where ranked in this list top 10 prospects very decided to skip their senior season (H.S.) and enrolled in college.

              Puerto Ricans De La Rosa, Nido, Rodriguez and Munoz weren't the only top ranked H.S. catchers, but orge Fernandez #38 and Jose Ortiz #40. It gives Puerto Rico 6 out of the top 40 H.S. catching prospects for this draft.
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                The top college 1B:

                01- Adam Brett Walker (Jacksonville)
                02- Preston Tucker (Florida)
                03- Christian Walker (South Carolina)
                04- Joyce Boyd (FSU)
                05- Max Muncey (Baylor)
                06- John Wooten (East Carolina)
                07- Cody Stubbs (North Carolina)
                08- Chris Seretella (Southern Illinois)
                09- Johnny Coy (Wichita St)
                10- Taylor Ard (Washington St) *

                PS A weak group, specially after the top 4. Florida's Brian Johnson would had been ranked as the top first baseman, but he projects as a LHP where he is ranked as the top LHP out of the college ranks.

                * Drafted by the Red Sox in 2011.
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                  The top H.S. 1B:

                  01- Keon Barnum (Tampa/Fla)
                  02- Kayden Porter (Spanish Fork/Uthat)*
                  03- Austin Dean (Spring/Tx)
                  04- Matt Olson (Lilburn/Ga)
                  05- Christopher Shaw (Lexington/Massachusets)
                  06- Curt Britt (Laurinburg/NC)
                  07- Morgan Bunting ( Atlanta/Ga)
                  08- Cole Miller (Cove Springs/Ga)
                  09- Kristian Britto (Puerto Rico)
                  10- Ryan Ripken (Hunt Valley/Maryland)
                  11- Jalen Phillips (Ococee/Fla)
                  12- Christian Morris (Archer/Fla)
                  13- Tyler Thomas (Woodbridge/Va)
                  14- Tony DeMartino (Aloma/California)
                  15- Dylan Cozens (Scottsdale/Arizona)
                  16- Mattew Dacey (Livingstone/NJ)
                  17- Ian Gibout (Houston/Tx)
                  18- Kyle Whitman (Fort Mill/SC)
                  19- Robbie Buller (Sugar land/Tx)
                  20- Joey Curletta (Phoenix/Arizona)

                  * Also a rated very highly as a RHP


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                    The college top second baseman prospects:

                    01- Tony Renda (California)
                    02- L.J. Mazzili (Connecticut)
                    03- Micah Johnson (Indiana)
                    04- Alex Yarborough (Mississippi)
                    05- Jamodrick McGrudder (Texas Tech)
                    06- Joe Sever (Pepperdine)
                    07- Devon Travis (FSU)
                    08- Sam Dove (Georgia Tech)
                    09- Michael Broad (Miami)
                    10- Tommy Coyle ( North Carolina)


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                      The top college Short Stops:

                      01- Deve Marrero (Arrizona State)
                      02- Kenny diekroeger (Stamford)
                      03- Nolan Fontana (Florida)
                      04- Stephen Perez (Miami)
                      05- Justin Gonzalez (FSU)
                      06- Chris Taylor (Virginia)
                      07- Matt Duffy (Long beach St)
                      08- Kyle Farmer (Georgia)
                      09- Darnell Sweeney ((Central Florida)
                      10- Anthony Gomez (Vandervilt)
                      11- Austin Nola (LSU)
                      12- Steve Nysztor (Louisburg JC/NC)


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                        The top middle infielders from the H.S. ranks:

                        01- Carlos Correa (Puerto Rico)
                        02- Gavin Cecchini (Lake Charles/Louisiana)
                        03- Avery Romero (St Augustine/Fla)
                        04- Jesmuel Valentin (Puerto Rico)
                        05- Austin Aune (Arggle/Tx)
                        06- Mickey White (Hoover/Alabama)
                        07- Richie Martin (Brandon/Fla)
                        08- Jordan Ebert (Pardido/Alabama)
                        09- Dylan labelle (Lake stevens /Washington)
                        10- Chase Nyman (Pascagoula/Miss)
                        11- Zach Green (Rocklin/California)
                        12- Brandon Lopez (Miramar/Fla)
                        13- Mitch Nay (Chandler/Arizona)
                        14- Adrian Marin (Miami/Fla)
                        15- Matt Gonzalez (Acworth/Georgia)
                        16- Joe Munoz (Hacienda Heights/California)
                        17- George Ragsdale (North Port/Fla)
                        18- A.J. Simcox (Knoxville/Tennessee)
                        19- Rey Ordonez (Miami/Fla)
                        20- Dansby Swanson (Kennessaw/Georgia)
                        21- Kenny Koplove (Philadelphia/Pa)
                        22- Kyle Overstreet (Boaz/Alabama)
                        23- Tim Lopez (Canyon Country/California)
                        24- Drew Jackson (Orinda/California)
                        25- Alex Bregman (Albuquerque/ New Mexico)


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                          College top third baseman

                          01- Richie Schafer (Clemson)
                          02- Stephen Piscotty (Stanford)
                          03- Patrick Wisdom (St Mary U/California)
                          04- Jacob Lamb (Washington)
                          05- Cameron Perkins (Purdue)
                          06- Matt Reynolds (Arkansas)
                          07- Joey DeMichelle (Arizona St)
                          08- Mark Gintner (Oklahoma St)
                          09- William Carmona (Stoney Brook U/NY)
                          10- Corey Regis (UCLA)


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                            H.S. Top third baseman:

                            01- Joey Gallo (Henderson /Nevada)
                            02- Trey Williams (Santa Clara/California)
                            03- Tanner Rahter (Indian Wells/California)
                            04- Rio Ruiz (Covina/California)
                            05- C.J. Hinojosa (Spring/Tx)
                            06- Addison Russell (Pace/Fla)
                            07- Cory Slater (Kannapolis/NC)
                            08- Carson Kelly (Portland/Oregon)
                            09- Daniel Robertson (Upland/California)
                            10- Corey Oswalt (San Diego/California)
                            11- Eric Netzel (Miami/Fla)
                            12- David Thompson (Miami/Fla)
                            13- Joe De Carlo (Glenn Mills/PA)
                            14- Ron Miller (Los Angeles/California)
                            15- Joey Curletta (Phoenix/Az)
                            16- Xavier Turner (Sandusky/Ohio)
                            17- J T. Phillips (Midland/Georgia)
                            18- Chase Scott (Hampton/Ga)
                            19- Corbin Olmstead (Tampa/Fla)
                            20- Willie Schwanke (Frisco/Tx)
                            21- Palmer Betts (Adell/Ga)
                            22- Dylan Smith Pinson/Alabama)
                            23- Frailyn Paez (Bronx/NY)
                            24- Hunter melton (Dawson/Tx)
                            25- Danny Rosebaun (Lafayette/Pa)


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                              Top college outfielders:

                              01- Victor Roache (Georgia Southern)
                              02- Brandon Thomas (Georgia Tech)
                              03- Tyler Naquin (Texas A&M)
                              04- Jeremy Naquin (St John U)
                              05- Travis Jankowski (Stoney Brook U/NY)
                              06- Barrett Barnes (Texas Tech)
                              07- Tyler Gaffney (Stanford)
                              08- Krey Bratsen (Texas A&M)
                              09- Mitch Haniger (Cal Poly)
                              10- Logan Vick (Baylor)
                              11- Brian Adams (Kentucky)
                              12- Jacob Stewart (Stamford)
                              13- Mac Williamson (Wake Forest)*
                              14- Robert Refsnyder (Arizona)
                              15- Torsten Boss (Michigan St)
                              16- Pat Stover (Santa Clara)
                              17- James Ramsey (FSU)
                              18- Joey Rickard (Arizona)
                              19- Jabari Henry (Florida International)
                              20- Jason Coats (TCU)
                              21- Andrew Aplin (Arizona St)
                              22- Adam Mattews (South Carolina)
                              23- Tyler Horan (Virginia Tech)
                              24- Jeremy Rathjen (Rice)
                              25- Ronnie Richardson (Central Florida)

                              * Drafted by the Red Sox in 2011


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