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Do the red sox need a new conditioning and medical staff?

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  • Do the red sox need a new conditioning and medical staff?

    There were certainly a lot of reasons for the failure to date this season:
    -the clubhouse
    -mad bobby
    -the front office and their signing and drafting

    but one of the biggest problems have been injuries. sure some like the ells thing are just freak injuries that can always happen but still a lot of inuries happen. also players are not in shape after the off season so the conditioning must be improved too.

    but one of the most stupid things I see is that players regularly are treated "conservatively" first. that is good but most of the time they will need surgery 2-3 months later anyway. this is really a waste of time and bad evaluation by the medical staff. those injuries really hurt.

    what do you think?
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    The funny thing - and by funny, I really mean very concerning - is that the Red Sox did just that last off-season and it got worse! Rick Jamyson became the new head trainer and Dr Thomas Gill isn't working for the team anymore.

    Obviously the whole trainer/medical staff is as infected by an utter lack of communication as the rest of the organization, as witnessed by the whole Crawford situation. SHould his first surgery have been sooner? There is disagreement over whether he needs TJ now. Valentine just ignored the trainers' directive on CC's playing time/ rest time.
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