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    I'm just curious how Red Sox fans would feel about Acta as a potential manager for the Red Sox next year. I've always had a lot of respect for him and from what I've heard he's one of the more intelligent, Sabermetrically-inclined managers in the game. Would Acta be a good fit for Boston?
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    Good question. I wish I knew more about him...but from what you describe, he sounds like a guy the Sox should at least talk to.

    I'm interested to see if this year's manager search goes smarter/smoother than last years.
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      really good question...and i also admit i dont know much about him either. I assure you that this search for a manager will go a lot quicker than the last. I am 100% sure they already have a list together and are ready


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        I remember watching him play in the Florida State league back in the late '80's with Luis Gonzalez for the Osceola Astros. He was a utility infielder back then but you could see he was a student of the game. Don't know why the Indians seemed to quit on him this year, but he would be an intriguing option for you. Davey Martinez didn't get the Houston job that he interviewed for, so that's another guy Cherington should talk to.
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