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Teddy's best/worst stretches

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  • Teddy's best/worst stretches

    I just re-read the John Updike item Hub Kid Bids Fans Adieu again (wonderful piece!) and got to wondering about The Splinter's hot/cold stretches. Hottest/Coldest week, month or arbitrary 10-game stretch, whatever makes it remarkable. 17 games in a row with an RBI maybe, stuff like, oh, batting .889 during some six-game stretch, that sort of thing, or some other consecutive PH homers thing ( maybe those 4 in 1960, per Mr. Updike), great stuff like that. I know there's a consecutive-plate-appearances-reaching-safely in the high teens in there somewhere, but I'd like to be made aware of any extreme streaks, whether 1939, '49 or'59 or any others that any of you good folks might avail me of. I'm sure Mr. Ballgame's career features lots of worthy stuff to remark on. Thanks for any constructive responses to my humble request....

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