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  • misfitz69
    Thats a must have. All the footage !!!!!!!!!

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  • Chisox
    Originally posted by Chisox73
    Check out the link here. It's now available.
    I just might have to get that now

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  • Chisox73
    Originally posted by gfriend
    I'm under the impression that there is a new World Series DVD out...newer than the 2005 Championship DVD. Does anyone know the name of it? Is it the 2005 World Series Collector'S - DVD that runs for about $60+?
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Check out the link here. It's now available.

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  • Chisox
    Got a DVD player for Christmas, JUST (yesterday) got the World Series DVD for $20.
    Guess what was the first thing I did when I got home?

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  • gfriend
    Need assistance

    I'm under the impression that there is a new World Series DVD out...newer than the 2005 Championship DVD. Does anyone know the name of it? Is it the 2005 World Series Collector'S - DVD that runs for about $60+?
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Chisox73
    White Sox DVD premieres in Chicago
    By Scott Merkin /

    Aaron Rowand and Joe Crede show off the new World Series DVD at its premiere in Chicago Monday night. (Ben Platt/

    CHICAGO -- A few years ago, television executives from a major network decided to put a few average citizens on a deserted island, film their life and then dubbed it Reality TV.

    Since that particular historic moment, this genre has evolved into everything from picking a soul mate for your mother or father to Jose Canseco, Amarosa from "The Apprentice" and Balki from the television show "Perfect Strangers" living in the same house together. But to gain an understanding of what reality entertainment truly is all about, then take a close look at the White Sox 2005 World Series DVD.

    The precise and entertaining storytelling of the South Siders' improbable run to its first championship since 1917, put together by Shout! Factory and Major League Baseball Productions, becomes available to the public next Tuesday, Nov. 29. At least one person close to the title run labeled it as a must-see for the holidays after attending the premier Monday night at the Esquire Theater in the heart of Chicago.

    "On a scale of 1 to 10?" asked Oney Guillen, manager Ozzie Guillen's second of three sons and a college student in Chicago. "It's a 25. It's amazing. To see what happened on the screen, it gave me goosebumps."

    Oney Guillen was the White Sox first family representative, as he joked that the weather was a little too cold for his father, who currently is back in Venezuela. But Oney was not the only one close to the team in attendance.

    Center fielder Aaron Rowand and third baseman Joe Crede chatted casually with the media prior to the DVD's debut. Rowand then gave a short speech to the invite-only crowd in attendance, imploring the White Sox fans with a laugh to "tell their friends" if they liked what they viewed.

    Both players were featured prominently in the DVD, expertly narrated by Chicago actor Michael Clarke Duncan. There were the obvious moments of excitement to be included, from Scott Podsednik's walk-off home run in Game 2 of the World Series to the final out of this historic achievement being recorded at Minute Maid Park. But in between, there was plenty of inside information to show how this team came together and had more fun than should be allowed in the process.

    A few of the highlights, without giving away the ending of the production, involved Rowand stating 'That really hurt' after he ran into the wall during a play in Game 1 of the Division Series against Boston. Rowand wore a microphone for much of the postseason, including the World Series.

    There also were interesting little insights such as catcher A.J. Pierzynski sarcastically calling his memorable ninth-inning strikeout in Game 2 of the American League Championship Series "the biggest strikeout of my career." Pierzynski also broke down the seconds ticking off immediately after Juan Uribe threw out Orlando Palmeiro to complete the four-game sweep, stating that he jumped on Bobby Jenks because he didn't want the burly closer to jump on him.

    It was a moving experience for everyone in the White Sox organization who played some part in this championship. It was equally moving to watch it at the Esquire on Monday night.

    "That was awesome," said Rowand, after watching the DVD and prior to signing autographs and taking pictures with the guests in attendance. "They did a great job putting it together. They really shed some light on what it was all about for us. It was great.

    "This was my first walk in the park, as far as being part of something like (the DVD). It's great to relive it and watch it again. I think back about all the great moments, and it's interesting to see the way I saw them in my eyes and the way they were shown on camera."

    Rowand will have quite a positive memory of these past two days in general. On Sunday, sporting his Dick Butkus jersey, Rowand stood on the sideline at Soldier Field and watched his beloved Bears improve to 7-3 with a 13-3 whipping of Carolina. Rowand returns on Dec. 4 to serve as an honorary captain for the Bears in a game against the Packers.

    Both Rowand and Crede, who joined Rowand on the sideline Sunday at Soldier Field, took the approach that a second championship during the same one-year time frame in Chicago is not out of the question. After all, the Patriots and Red Sox did the job last year.

    For now, the duo is relaxing and winding down from the 2005 championship. Of course, their focus soon will return to a repeat effort in 2006 and a second world premier DVD.

    "Any time I can share this with the fans, I'm all for it," said Crede, who watched the DVD for the first time Monday. "People come up to me and tell me how this changed their life in some way. It's neat to hear all the stories.

    "It's special for me to know we were able to do that. I mean, words can't describe what an unbelievable year this was, and the feeling it was to be part of this championship."

    Scott Merkin is a reporter for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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  • Knick9
    One word describes this DVD: cool.

    This goes well into detail about the drama that went into this. I think this will be great for White Sox fans.

    Ever since the world series win, I've been picturing all this into a thriller type movie. I also pictured drama-filled music added along to the final play that Juan Uribe makes. Now, the DVD is out so people can watch it again!

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  • Chisox73
    Rowand, Crede to attend DVD premiere
    Relive the magic of the White Sox run to the World Series
    By Carrie Muskat /

    CHICAGO -- Lights, camera, action -- it's the World Series Champion Chicago White Sox!

    Major League Baseball Productions and the White Sox will roll out the red carpet and premiere "The Official 2005 World Series Film," celebrating the team's World Series championship, on Monday night at Loews Cineplex Esquire theater.

    Postseason hero Joe Crede and center fielder Aaron Rowand are among the White Sox scheduled to attend the first look at what certainly will be a White Sox fan's treasure.

    The event is not open to the public. However, White Sox fans can purchase the DVD at the shop.

    The documentary of the White Sox first World Series win since 1917 is narrated by actor and Chicago native Michael Clarke Duncan. "The Official 2005 World Series Film" includes a 75-minute main feature and nearly 45 minutes of bonus footage that will let fans relive Chicago's sweep over the Houston Astros.

    Fans will get goosebumps all over again watching the talented foursome of Mark Buehrle, Jon Garland, Freddy Garcia, and Jose Contreras. Imagine having to face hard-throwing rookie Bobby Jenks. They can cheer Crede's home run in Game 1, Scott Podsednik's blast in Game 2, Geoff Blum's game-winner in the marathon Game 3, and Series MVP Jermaine Dye's clinching eighth-inning single in Game 4.

    The film not only covers the World Series, but also the White Sox trek to the finals and their near-perfect ascent through the American League Division Series and League Championship Series.

    The film includes unique game action footage, one-on-one interviews with White Sox players, coaches and team personnel, and exclusive sound via wireless microphones. There are also sound bites from Rowand, who was the first position player to be wired during a World Series game.

    The Chicago broadcast premiere of the film will air Nov. 24 on Comcast SportsNet.

    Carrie Muskat is a reporter for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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  • Chisox73
    started a topic World Series DVD

    World Series DVD

    DVD chronicles White Sox title
    World Series highlights give fresh perspectives
    By Ben Platt /

    Major League Baseball Productions always has its hands full when it comes to producing the official World Series DVD. From the moment that Paul Konerko caught the final out in Houston, the production company had nine days to coordinate all the footage, which includes extensive footage of the White Sox victory parade through the streets of Chicago two days after the series ended.

    "We are making a 74-minute film in the span of nine days," said the DVD's senior coordinating producer Dave Check. "You have to have it down to a science, because there is very little margin of error for us."

    The DVD gives a complete look at the Chicago White Sox remarkable season in which they went wire-to-wire to win the American League Central division and equaled the 1999 New York Yankees by going 11-1 in the postseason to win the world championship. Check sees a lot of parallels to the 2004 champions, the Boston Red Sox.

    "You have a team that's ending a long World Series drought," said Check. "So, certainly, there were strong parallels there. Both teams also swept their World Series. Last year's games were not that close, so we spent less time on the World Series and spent more time on the Red Sox beating the Yankees in the ALCS, which was obviously very compelling as we all know. This year every one of the games was very tight and very competitive and very dramatic -- so you can really get into the back stories that were very prevalent in these games."

    MLB Productions is given almost unlimited access during the postseason to give fans a unique look at every aspect of the games and the people who play in them. This year the production company was given permission to do something unprecedented in its coverage.

    "One of the biggest differences this year from other years is we had players like outfielder Aaron Rowand wearing in-game wireless mikes," said Check. "Rowand wore one for Game 2, as did [White Sox manager] Ozzie Guillen. Ozzie became the first manager since 1984 to wear a wireless mike in a World Series game. Gaining access to these individuals and hearing what is going on in their minds as the games develop, gives the viewer a very unique perspective to the likes of which has rarely been seen."

    The Houston Astros are not forgotten in this project. The DVD goes into the team's history and covers their championship run, culminating in the franchise's first National League pennant. The Houston story is mainly seen through the eyes of Craig Biggio, the 39-year-old All-Star second baseman, who finally made it to the World Series after 17 years in an Astros uniform. The DVD also interviews numerous people involved in the series from both teams, but the biggest star of the DVD has to be Guillen, the 41-year-old, second-year manager and former White Sox star player, whose enthusiasm for the game rubbed off on all of his players.

    "He definitely has a presence on this DVD," said Check. "The interesting thing is when you here [White Sox designated hitter] Frank Thomas talk on this DVD. Remember, this is his ex-teammate and the respect and the level of reverence a guy like Frank Thomas has for him [is impressive]. Everybody in the White Sox organization has such respect and fondness for Ozzie because he knows that men are playing this game, but inside these men there is always a little boy just waiting to come out and he's really like that."

    MLB Productions has once again recruited celebrity fan of the winning team to narrate the DVD. Last year, Boston native Denis Leary got the honors. This year, Michael Clarke Duncan, the Oscar-nominated actor who grew up on Chicago's South Side, loaned his bass voice to the project.

    "Very distinctive voice is an understatement when describing Michael Clarke Duncan," said Check. "The first time we heard his voice when he was warming up in the narration session -- he made the rest of us sound like Minnie Mouse. His voice has an incredible presence and it really gave this World Series film a distinctive feel and flair. At the end of the session, being from the South Side, he said, 'Guys, this has been a experience of of a lifetime,' and I was really pleased to hear that."

    According to Check, MLB Productions used four high-definition cameras during the production as well as having access to all of the FOX Sports video feeds and MLB International feeds to capture every possible video angle. The production company also had seven different television and radio audio feeds from each game to choose from. Other highlights of the DVD include:

    • A ride to U.S. Cellular Field with catcher A.J. Pierzynski before Game 2 of the series
    • Breakfast with Geoff Blum the morning after his dramatic walk-off home run in Game 3
    • 2005 World Series Trophy presentation
    • TWIB Classic: Former White Sox shortstop Ozzie Guillen fooled by the hidden ball trick twice
    • Footage of the White Sox clubhouse celebration following the World Series victory
    • A collection of exclusive interviews with various writers, players and coaches
    • 1959 World Series Game 1 highlights

    "I hope that audiences watching the DVD get out of it that the 2005 Chicago White Sox were a team in the truest sense of the word," said Check. "There are a lot of great players on their roster, but I don't know if there are any standout superstars and there is such incredible balance and chemistry with this team and you have to give Ozzie Guillen a tremendous amount of credit for this. As he says in the DVD, 'We took 25 guys and made them play together.' Call it 'Ozzie ball,' or 'small ball' or whatever, he found a way to have a team whose whole really exceeded the sum of its parts.

    "This team played a brand of baseball that was more reminiscent of another era. Rarely have we seen a manager who was so worthy of praise and I think it showed on the field and I know it shows on this DVD."

    The DVD will have it's world premiere on Monday at the Loews Cineplex Esquire 6 Theatre in Chicago at 7:30 p.m. CT. Aaron Rowand and Joe Crede are scheduled to appear at the event.

    The Official World Series DVD will be released on Nov. 29 in stores around the country. Fans can also purchase the DVD on

    Ben Platt is a national correspondent for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

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