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2018 White Sox thread

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  • Toledo Inquisition
    started a topic 2018 White Sox thread

    2018 White Sox thread

    Well, this year has been a complete disaster so far.

    Moncada is striking out in almost half his at-bats, our starting rotation is 1-9 with a 5.6 ERA, 3 of our 5 starting pitchers have allowed more walks than hits, our offense is anemic, we reacquired Trayce Thompson (who was a defensive butcher in the field when he was with us last time), and worst of all Danny Farquhar is in critical shape after having a brain hemorrhage. What a terrible start to the year.

  • Toledo Inquisition
    Originally posted by Hammerin Hank View Post
    I hate seeing Hawk retire but I guess he had to sooner or later. I know his style irritates a lot of non-Sox fans, but I always wished more commentators were like him.

    It's going to be really unsettling watching the Sox game on TV without hearing Hawk Harrelson call it for a long time.
    Thanks, he was fun. He and Ronnie Santo were two of a kind...wearing emotions on their sleeves. I have to watch the second half on DVR, but AJ was amazing in the booth. He should be announcing for the Sox next year in some capacity. He was brilliant with his stories.

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  • Hammerin Hank
    I hate seeing Hawk retire but I guess he had to sooner or later. I know his style irritates a lot of non-Sox fans, but I always wished more commentators were like him.

    It's going to be really unsettling watching the Sox game on TV without hearing Hawk Harrelson call it for a long time.

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  • Toledo Inquisition
    An interesting thing about Palka is that the stats show he's been okay (0/-1 net runs) in left but brutal in right (-10 runs average over the systems). Probably too small of a sample size right now.

    Another article about Palka from a while ago.

    Rooting for Moncada to set the strikeout record. Maybe it will force the Sox to send him down to work on his swing.
    Last edited by Toledo Inquisition; 09-20-2018, 01:02 PM.

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  • Toledo Inquisition
    Jose Abreu was out with a twisted testicle. Now he is out with an infected thigh, caused by an ingrown hair in his groin.

    That is an incredibly painful set of events in his nether regions! Ouch Jose, that stinks for you!

    However, there is some good news for Sox fans. Daniel Palka hits the ball hard when he makes contact. This is backed up by MLB's statcast HR velocity charts. I think Palka's upside is higher than Davidson's was this time last year. In short, I like Palka's swing more than Davidson's. Search Results
    1 Giancarlo Stanton 34 108.8 MPH 1.2 Graphs
    2 Gary Sanchez 16 108.7 MPH 1.2 Graphs
    3 Daniel Palka 26 108.4 MPH 1.6 Graphs
    4 Jorge Alfaro 10 108.1 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    5 Aaron Judge 26 107.9 MPH 1.3 Graphs
    6 Nelson Cruz 36 107.9 MPH 1.7 Graphs
    7 Tyler Austin 16 107.7 MPH 1.6 Graphs
    8 Joey Gallo 37 107.6 MPH 1.7 Graphs
    9 Mike Zunino 19 107.5 MPH 1.2 Graphs
    10 Marcell Ozuna 22 107.3 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    11 Nomar Mazara 20 106.9 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    12 Bryce Harper 34 106.8 MPH 1.3 Graphs
    13 Ryan Braun 15 106.6 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    14 Kyle Schwarber 25 106.6 MPH 1.3 Graphs
    15 Mike Trout 35 106.5 MPH 1.5 Graphs
    16 Jose Abreu 22 106.4 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    17 Lewis Brinson 11 106.4 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    18 Yasiel Puig 22 106.4 MPH 1.4 Graphs
    19 Matt Olson 27 106.3 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    20 Franmil Reyes 16 106.3 MPH 1.6 Graphs
    21 Christian Yelich 31 106.3 MPH 1.3 Graphs
    22 C.J. Cron 27 106.3 MPH 1.3 Graphs
    23 Jake Cave 11 106.3 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    24 Shohei Ohtani 20 106.1 MPH 1.5 Graphs
    25 Mitch Moreland 15 106.0 MPH 0.9 Graphs
    26 Miguel Sano 13 106.0 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    27 Khris Davis 43 106.0 MPH 1.8 Graphs
    28 Hunter Renfroe 23 106.0 MPH 1.5 Graphs
    29 Ronald Acuna Jr. 26 105.9 MPH 1.4 Graphs
    30 Lucas Duda 14 105.9 MPH 0.9 Graphs
    31 Avisail Garcia 18 105.9 MPH 1.4 Graphs
    32 Matt Kemp 20 105.8 MPH 1.1 Graphs
    33 Matt Davidson 20 105.7 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    34 Willy Adames 10 105.7 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    35 Javier Baez 33 105.6 MPH 1.6 Graphs
    36 Ryan Zimmerman 13 105.5 MPH 1.1 Graphs
    37 Rougned Odor 18 105.5 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    38 Eric Thames 16 105.3 MPH 1.5 Graphs
    39 Trevor Story 33 105.3 MPH 1.4 Graphs
    40 Manny Machado 35 105.2 MPH 1.5 Graphs
    41 Josh Bell 10 105.2 MPH 0.5 Graphs
    42 Logan Morrison 15 105.1 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    43 Matt Chapman 23 105.1 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    44 Steve Pearce 10 105.1 MPH 1.1 Graphs
    45 Randal Grichuk 23 105.1 MPH 1.4 Graphs
    46 Xander Bogaerts 21 105.1 MPH 0.9 Graphs
    47 Travis Shaw 29 105.0 MPH 1.3 Graphs
    48 Rafael Devers 17 105.0 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    49 Scott Schebler 17 105.0 MPH 1.2 Graphs
    50 Jose Martinez 16 105.0 MPH 0.7 Graphs
    51 Teoscar Hernandez 20 105.0 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    52 Mitch Haniger 26 105.0 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    53 Justin Bour 20 105.0 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    54 Juan Soto 20 104.9 MPH 1.1 Graphs
    55 Adalberto Mondesi 10 104.9 MPH 1.1 Graphs
    56 J.D. Martinez 41 104.9 MPH 1.7 Graphs
    57 Chris Davis 16 104.9 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    58 Yoan Moncada 17 104.8 MPH 0.7 Graphs
    59 Cody Bellinger 23 104.8 MPH 0.9 Graphs
    60 Shin-Soo Choo 21 104.8 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    61 Justin Upton 30 104.7 MPH 1.3 Graphs
    62 Chris Iannetta 10 104.7 MPH 0.7 Graphs
    63 Carlos Correa 14 104.6 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    64 David Freese 10 104.6 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    65 JaCoby Jones 11 104.6 MPH 0.7 Graphs
    66 Carlos Gonzalez 15 104.6 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    67 Ketel Marte 12 104.5 MPH 0.6 Graphs
    68 Ian Happ 15 104.5 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    69 Paul Goldschmidt 33 104.5 MPH 1.2 Graphs
    70 Gregory Polanco 23 104.5 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    71 Eugenio Suarez 32 104.4 MPH 1.4 Graphs
    72 Adam Duvall 15 104.4 MPH 0.9 Graphs
    73 Wil Myers 11 104.4 MPH 0.9 Graphs
    74 Mark Trumbo 17 104.4 MPH 1.2 Graphs
    75 Jeimer Candelario 19 104.3 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    76 Enrique Hernandez 20 104.3 MPH 1.1 Graphs
    77 Ian Desmond 20 104.3 MPH 0.9 Graphs
    78 Nick Williams 17 104.3 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    79 Tommy Pham 19 104.2 MPH 0.9 Graphs
    80 Carlos Santana 23 104.2 MPH 0.9 Graphs
    81 Francisco Lindor 35 104.1 MPH 1.3 Graphs
    82 Kris Bryant 12 104.1 MPH 0.7 Graphs
    83 Brian Anderson 10 104.1 MPH 0.4 Graphs
    84 Ji-Man Choi 10 104.1 MPH 1.2 Graphs
    85 Chad Pinder 11 104.1 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    86 Joc Pederson 23 104.1 MPH 1.3 Graphs
    87 George Springer 20 104.0 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    88 Kole Calhoun 19 104.0 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    89 Jesus Aguilar 33 104.0 MPH 1.5 Graphs
    90 Jackie Bradley Jr. 12 104.0 MPH 0.6 Graphs
    91 Freddie Freeman 23 104.0 MPH 0.9 Graphs
    92 Brandon Belt 14 104.0 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    93 Odubel Herrera 22 103.9 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    94 Rhys Hoskins 32 103.9 MPH 1.2 Graphs
    95 Ryon Healy 24 103.8 MPH 1.3 Graphs
    96 Corey Dickerson 11 103.8 MPH 0.6 Graphs
    97 Luke Voit 10 103.8 MPH 2.0 Graphs
    98 Salvador Perez 26 103.8 MPH 1.5 Graphs
    99 Kendrys Morales 21 103.8 MPH 1.1 Graphs
    100 J.T. Realmuto 21 103.7 MPH 1.1 Graphs
    101 Eric Hosmer 17 103.7 MPH 0.7 Graphs
    102 Jonathan Schoop 21 103.7 MPH 1.2 Graphs
    103 Edwin Encarnacion 31 103.7 MPH 1.5 Graphs
    104 Yangervis Solarte 17 103.7 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    105 Yasmani Grandal 23 103.6 MPH 1.1 Graphs
    106 Paul DeJong 19 103.6 MPH 1.1 Graphs
    107 Mookie Betts 29 103.6 MPH 1.2 Graphs
    108 Evan Longoria 16 103.6 MPH 0.9 Graphs
    109 Jonathan Villar 14 103.6 MPH 0.7 Graphs
    110 Anthony Rizzo 24 103.6 MPH 1.1 Graphs
    111 Starling Marte 19 103.5 MPH 0.9 Graphs
    112 Trey Mancini 23 103.5 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    113 Max Muncy 33 103.5 MPH 1.7 Graphs
    114 Albert Pujols 19 103.5 MPH 1.1 Graphs
    115 Yonder Alonso 23 103.5 MPH 1.1 Graphs
    116 Mike Moustakas 26 103.4 MPH 1.2 Graphs
    117 David Peralta 28 103.4 MPH 1.3 Graphs
    118 Tim Beckham 10 103.4 MPH 0.7 Graphs
    119 Yan Gomes 14 103.4 MPH 0.9 Graphs
    120 Adam Jones 15 103.4 MPH 0.7 Graphs
    121 Michael Conforto 26 103.4 MPH 1.1 Graphs
    122 A.J. Pollock 18 103.4 MPH 1.1 Graphs
    123 Wilson Ramos 15 103.3 MPH 1.1 Graphs
    124 Stephen Piscotty 25 103.3 MPH 1.2 Graphs
    125 Charlie Blackmon 27 103.3 MPH 1.1 Graphs
    126 Mark Reynolds 13 103.3 MPH 1.5 Graphs
    127 Mark Canha 16 103.3 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    128 Anthony Rendon 21 103.2 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    129 Greg Bird 11 103.2 MPH 0.9 Graphs
    130 Matt Adams 21 103.2 MPH 1.7 Graphs
    131 Lorenzo Cain 10 103.2 MPH 0.4 Graphs
    132 Christian Villanueva 20 103.1 MPH 1.3 Graphs
    133 Alex Gordon 11 103.1 MPH 0.5 Graphs
    134 Derek Dietrich 16 103.1 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    135 Leonys Martin 11 103.1 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    136 Jurickson Profar 18 103.1 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    137 Gleyber Torres 23 103.1 MPH 1.3 Graphs
    138 Nicholas Castellanos 21 103.0 MPH 0.9 Graphs
    139 Maikel Franco 22 103.0 MPH 1.4 Graphs
    140 Justin Turner 13 103.0 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    141 Brandon Nimmo 17 102.9 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    142 Ryan O'Hearn 11 102.9 MPH 1.8 Graphs
    143 Andrew McCutchen 19 102.9 MPH 0.7 Graphs
    144 David Dahl 10 102.9 MPH 1.2 Graphs
    145 Eduardo Escobar 22 102.8 MPH 0.9 Graphs
    146 Aledmys Diaz 18 102.8 MPH 1.3 Graphs
    147 Jose Altuve 12 102.7 MPH 0.6 Graphs
    148 Justin Smoak 24 102.7 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    149 Jake Bauers 11 102.6 MPH 0.7 Graphs
    150 Jose Bautista 12 102.6 MPH 0.7 Graphs
    151 Francisco Cervelli 11 102.5 MPH 0.7 Graphs
    152 Andrew Benintendi 16 102.5 MPH 0.7 Graphs
    153 Trea Turner 17 102.5 MPH 0.6 Graphs
    154 Chris Taylor 17 102.5 MPH 0.7 Graphs
    155 Whit Merrifield 12 102.4 MPH 0.5 Graphs
    156 Neil Walker 10 102.4 MPH 0.7 Graphs
    157 Kevin Pillar 14 102.4 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    158 Marwin Gonzalez 16 102.4 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    159 Marcus Semien 12 102.3 MPH 0.4 Graphs
    160 Devon Travis 11 102.3 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    161 Max Kepler 19 102.3 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    162 Ronald Guzman 15 102.2 MPH 0.9 Graphs
    163 DJ LeMahieu 15 102.2 MPH 0.7 Graphs
    164 Colin Moran 10 102.2 MPH 0.6 Graphs
    165 Nolan Arenado 34 102.1 MPH 1.4 Graphs
    166 Starlin Castro 12 102.1 MPH 0.5 Graphs
    167 Tim Anderson 19 102.0 MPH 0.9 Graphs
    168 Gorkys Hernandez 15 102.0 MPH 0.9 Graphs
    169 Matt Carpenter 35 102.0 MPH 1.3 Graphs
    170 Jedd Gyorko 11 102.0 MPH 0.7 Graphs
    171 Johan Camargo 18 102.0 MPH 0.9 Graphs
    172 Michael Brantley 16 101.9 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    173 Tyler White 12 101.8 MPH 1.3 Graphs
    174 Adrian Beltre 13 101.8 MPH 0.7 Graphs
    175 Miguel Andujar 25 101.8 MPH 1.3 Graphs
    176 Austin Hedges 14 101.8 MPH 1.2 Graphs
    177 Todd Frazier 18 101.7 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    178 Niko Goodrum 16 101.7 MPH 0.9 Graphs
    179 Austin Romine 10 101.7 MPH 1.1 Graphs
    180 Asdrubal Cabrera 23 101.7 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    181 Robinson Chirinos 17 101.7 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    182 Aaron Hicks 24 101.7 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    183 Harrison Bader 12 101.6 MPH 0.7 Graphs
    184 Brandon Crawford 13 101.6 MPH 0.6 Graphs
    185 Brett Gardner 12 101.5 MPH 0.5 Graphs
    186 Evan Gattis 25 101.4 MPH 1.5 Graphs
    187 Dansby Swanson 14 101.4 MPH 0.7 Graphs
    188 Denard Span 11 101.4 MPH 0.6 Graphs
    189 Ozzie Albies 22 101.3 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    190 Jose Ramirez 38 101.3 MPH 1.4 Graphs
    191 Jed Lowrie 21 101.3 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    192 Daniel Murphy 11 101.2 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    193 Devin Mesoraco 10 101.2 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    194 Yadier Molina 18 101.0 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    195 Kyle Seager 22 101.0 MPH 0.9 Graphs
    196 Jose Peraza 13 101.0 MPH 0.6 Graphs
    197 Nick Markakis 14 101.0 MPH 0.5 Graphs
    198 Curtis Granderson 13 100.8 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    199 Joey Votto 12 100.6 MPH 0.5 Graphs
    200 Daniel Descalso 13 100.5 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    201 Alex Bregman 30 100.5 MPH 1.1 Graphs
    202 Kurt Suzuki 12 100.5 MPH 1.0 Graphs
    203 Charlie Culberson 12 100.5 MPH 1.1 Graphs
    204 Josh Reddick 15 100.4 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    205 Andrelton Simmons 11 100.3 MPH 0.6 Graphs
    206 Eddie Rosario 24 100.3 MPH 1.1 Graphs
    207 Russell Martin 10 100.2 MPH 0.7 Graphs
    208 Ian Kinsler 14 100.1 MPH 0.7 Graphs
    209 Miguel Rojas 11 100.1 MPH 0.6 Graphs
    210 Didi Gregorius 26 100.1 MPH 1.3 Graphs
    211 Cesar Hernandez 13 99.9 MPH 0.5 Graphs
    212 Freddy Galvis 12 99.8 MPH 0.5 Graphs
    213 Jason Kipnis 17 99.4 MPH 0.7 Graphs
    214 Nick Ahmed 16 99.3 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    215 Brian Dozier 20 99.3 MPH 0.8 Graphs
    216 Scooter Gennett 22 99.1 MPH 0.9 Graphs
    217 Wilmer Flores 11 99.1 MPH 0.7 Graphs
    218 Yuli Gurriel 10 98.8 MPH 0.6 Graphs
    219 Eduardo Nunez 10 98.6 MPH 0.6 Graphs
    220 Ender Inciarte 10 97.6 MPH 0.4 Graphs

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  • Toledo Inquisition
    So I don't lose it, a repeat of a Current events post. : In a season of misery, a feel good story for the White Sox.

    The White Sox have called up Rob Scahill, a local guy (from my hometown!) who grew up a White Sox fan and still lives in the area one town over. He's bounced around the minors to majors for 5 years, and at age 31 is playing for his beloved Pale Hose in the silver and black.

    Good for him! Hopefully Rob can rock it and stay with the Sox for the next five years!

    Needing an arm to replace Michael Kopech, the White Sox decided to bring Rob Scahill home to Chicago. They purchased the contract of the 31-year-old veteran off the Triple-A Charlotte roster to add depth to the pitching staff.

    Scahill, 31, was 3-4 with a 5.64 ERA and five saves in 52 appearances for Charlotte. He is a native of Lombard who attended Willowbrook High School and Bradley University, and lives in Villa Park.

    Scahill has made 118 big-league appearances with the Rockies, Pirates and Brewers, going 5-7 with a 3.79 ERA.

    Kopech was placed on the 60-day disabled list with an ulnar collateral ligament sprain in the right elbow. The Sox originally called the injury a torn ligament. He will receive a second opinion on the injury next week but is expected to need an elbow reconstruction, which would cause him to miss next season.

    On the night of Oct. 26, 2005, Rob Scahill bolted through the door of his Bradley University dorm room and ran up and down the hall hooting and hollering.

    The freshman on the baseball team was celebrating the World Series championship of his favorite childhood team, the White Sox.

    “People were like, ‘What’s going on?’” Scahill recalled. “But they weren’t too concerned — it’s a dorm, so you see some strange things at night.”

    A welcome sight for Scahill these days is the Sox uniform he’s wearing in spring training.
    “Not a lot of people get an opportunity to play for the team that they grew up rooting for,” Scahill said. “It’s definitely not lost on me.”

    The 31-year-old right-hander grew up and still lives in Villa Park and graduated from Willowbrook High School, where he was a three-sport athlete, also playing football and basketball. As a kid, he had a Frank Thomas poster on his bedroom wall.

    So when the rebuilding Sox were among the teams he spoke with while searching for a minor-league contract, it was an ideal landing spot. He signed Jan. 22 and has been grinning ever since.

    “I talked to a good amount of teams going through the minor-league free-agency process,” Scahill said, “but in the end I felt like coming here was the best opportunity to get to play for the team I grew up rooting for and also have an opportunity to make the team.”
    Scahill is among a group of veterans general manager Rick Hahn brought in to compete for spots in the bullpen, and he’s building a case for himself. Scahill has appeared in three Cactus League games and is 2-0 with a 1.59 ERA and six strikeouts in 5 2/3 innings. He is scheduled to pitch again Tuesday against the Brewers.

    “Rob is doing very, very well,” manager Rick Renteria said. “He’s starting to work on trying to use backdoor breaking balls to lefties, trying to command that and being able to own it a little bit more, working inside a little bit more. He’s continued to hammer the strike zone, (and) hopefully as he continues to develop his execution on pitches on both sides of the plate, he’ll at least give himself a chance to be able to handle both lefties and righties.”

    While he doesn’t have overpowering stuff, Scahill knows how to pitch and has a 5-7 record with a 3.79 ERA in six seasons with the Rockies, Pirates and Brewers. He was 1-3 with a 4.43 ERA in 22 1/3 innings for the Brewers last year, splitting time between Milwaukee and Triple-A Colorado Springs.

    “What I do well is keep the ball down and get ground balls,” said Scahill, who was drafted by the Rockies in the eighth round in 2009 and made his big-league debut Sept. 11, 2012. “I just have to keep attacking the zone and letting the defense work. There is an opportunity here to make the team. I just need to do what I do well and make the decision as hard as I can for them.”

    If Scahill doesn’t make the opening-day roster, he is prepared to head to Triple-A Charlotte and continue his quest to play for his hometown team.

    “There are revolving goals,” Scahill said. “You set a goal right now, and mine is to make this team out of camp. And if that doesn’t happen, I’ll go to Charlotte and do my best there and hopefully get an opportunity at some point.”

    Twitter @ChrisKuc

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  • Toledo Inquisition

    Kopech out for all next year with Tommy John surgery; well, that will test his dedication if nothing else.

    Jose Abreu has been out with a twisted testicle surgery. Yikes.

    Eloy Jimenez won't be up until next year at least.

    Yoan Moncada is at 191 whiffs and Ricky Renteria isn't concerned.

    Lucas Giolito and Dylan Covey both with 5.5-6.0 ERAs.


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  • Toledo Inquisition
    Kudos James Shields! I've ripped you many a time when you deserved it, but 7 innings of shutout ball tonight! Well done!

    Ricky Renteria should have left you in for the complete game though.

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  • Toledo Inquisition
    Moncada looks terrible out there. He could really use some minor league at-bats, but no way the Sox are going to do that. It helped Dylan Covey last year to now, so it should be considered. But the publicity will look bad if they admit he needs to work on his swing.

    Covey looks like he could be a keeper. The sample size is small, but he's only thrown one long one so far in 40 innings. Keep that ball down, and good things happen.

    James Big Loss Shields is back to his normal terrible pitching. From what I've been told, he's a real good guy in person. At least he has that, because he is done as a pitcher. He'll be gone after this year- Sox won't be bringing him back at $16 million per year...he'll be bought out for $2 million.

    Omar Narvaez is lost behind the plate with the basic concepts of how to catch. His pitch calling has to be better than his physical skills, because they can't be much worse and still be in the big leagues.

    Tim Anderson may have plateaued. Low BA, low OBP, good baserunner, average glove, 15-20 HR power in a normal year.

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  • Toledo Inquisition
    Originally posted by ol' aches and pains View Post
    Can you give me a scouting report on relief pitcher Chris Beck, who the Mets just picked up on waivers from the Sox? His Baseball Reference stats aren't very encouraging, but given the current state of the Mets' bullpen, I'm hoping for some improvement from somewhere.
    Chris Beck gives up a lot of homers and a lot of walks. He's a bit frustrating to my opinion he is just a journeyman or a "guy" who happens to be in your bullpen. I'd be surprised if he is on any team for more than two years. Maybe he'll turn it around for the Mets, but he hasn't made much of a positive impression around here.

    Though when brought in during the middle of an inning, he seemed to be a bit better (as opposed to starting the inning). He didn't let in too many inherited runners, so there is that.

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  • ol' aches and pains
    Can you give me a scouting report on relief pitcher Chris Beck, who the Mets just picked up on waivers from the Sox? His Baseball Reference stats aren't very encouraging, but given the current state of the Mets' bullpen, I'm hoping for some improvement from somewhere.

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  • Toledo Inquisition
    Losing with young talent is one thing, but most of these younglings have no talent. It takes a strong stomach to watch the White Sox this year.

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  • Toledo Inquisition
    Originally posted by ol' aches and pains View Post
    Thanks, I'm glad he's got a gig.
    An important aspect of the White Sox is that they usually are quite good to their retired players, and many of them rejoin the team. Carlton Fisk is the notable exception since the Reinsdorf/Einhorn regime started. Off the top of my head, all of these former players have had Sox jobs post-playing career.

    Darrin Jackson, Ed Farmer, Steve Stone, Greg Walker, Tim Raines, Darryl Boston, Ozzie Guillen, Ron Kittle, Tom Paciorek, Jim Thome, Joey Cora, Harold Baines, Bill Melton, Robin Ventura, Kenny Williams, Spanky Squires, Chris Singleton, Don Pall, and Kevin Hickey. I'm sure there are more, but those pop into my mind.

    I've included media guys too because while some may not be directly employed by the White Sox, they have de facto refusal rights if they don't want that player around the team.

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  • ol' aches and pains
    Thanks, I'm glad he's got a gig.

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  • Toledo Inquisition
    Originally posted by ol' aches and pains View Post
    Toledo, is Harold Baines still employed by the White Sox? When I left the area in 2010, he was the first base coach, but I know Darrel Boston replaced him there a few years ago.
    He is now an ambassador (which for the White Sox can mean anything, but mostly it is for PR at events and stuff like that). It's a great gig.

    He was a bench coach in 2005 (maybe a bit before that too). After the World Series he moved first base coach through 2012, and then went to be assistant hitting coach through 2016. I never figured out why he wasn't given the full job - too soft spoken? I've never understood the whole Todd Steverson experience as hitting coach. He definitely didn't deliver...

    I think Baines had enough of being the #2 hitting guy...or just got tired of being on the road.

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