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  • All Time Favorite White Sox Player

    Who is your All Time Favorite White Sox Player? How about your favorite White Sox Player growing up?

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    I can't narrow it down to one. Nellie Fox, Luis Aparicio, Billy Pierce, Harold Baines, Carlton Fisk, Robin Ventura, Frank Thomas and Paul Konerko would all be on the list.
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      96 robin ventura stands out


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        I'm going to mention my favorites which I saw play:

        Carlton Fisk
        Greg Luzinski
        Harold Baines
        Ron Kittle
        Frank Thomas
        Paul Konerko
        Jim Thome
        Mark Buerhle

        While Thome is my all time favorite player, I can't say that he is my favorite White Sox player due to career duration. I think it boils down to those with the longest White Sox tenure, so Luzinski, Kittle and Thome don't count.

        Since childhood allegiances dwarf adult ones, it comes down to Fisk and Baines. I'm going to say Fisk, because my brother often argued for Baines and I argued for Luzinski, and then Fisk.

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