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Ozzie's 1st Team Meeting of '06

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  • Ozzie's 1st Team Meeting of '06

    With the full squad there,sans Juan Uribe,Ozzie Guillen held his 1st team meeting of the season,and according to the players,it was typical Ozzie.He spoke for about 1/2 hour non-stop.

    He reminded the players that 2005 is just a distant memory now,and said that we're the 2006 White Sox,not the '05 White Sox.He was pleased by the enthusiasm and continued hunger that the team exhibits as camp goes into full swing.

    After the meeting,Captain Paul Konerko talked to the media about the meeting,and told them that if you took the under on the number of F-bombs dropped by Ozzie during his speech,you we're out of luck.

    It also seems certain now that Jim Thome will bat 3rd in the lineup this year with Konerko and Dye behind Thome.

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    I'm looking forward to a great season this year. Sounds like everyone is focused on this year, Ozzies back into his regular routine of explicitive filled speeches, and it sounds like the team chemistry is just as good as it was a year ago.

    I'm also eager to see how this new lineup turns out. I like the fact that we'll have Uribe hitting 2nd, Thome 3rd, followed by Paul and Jermaine and then have Tadahito hitting lower in the lineup, possibly 7th. Although Iguchi was amazing last year in the 2 spot his numbers will defenitely be better when he doesn't have to focus mainly on moving Pods over to 2nd or 3rd. I am concerned however with the freeswinging spirit of Uribe to see how he can handle batting 2nd, where he'll need to be a little more patient and focus on getting Pods over a base or two.
    Once a Sox, always a Sox
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      Looks like we've got a good year in store. I'm looking forward to it !!!!!!
      Last year WHITE , this year WHITE !!!!!!!!!!!

      2005 WORLD CHAMPIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      WE DID IT !!!!!, Its like a Dream !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      We still love ya Frank !!!!!!!!


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