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  • Good problem

    I know this is a good thing that the White Sox are getting tons more fans, and will probably break all attendance records this year, but is anyone worried about not being able to go to games due to sellouts? I just hope I won't miss out on any kid's days. (I can still manage to get autographs even though I'm turning 15)

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    You're right, this is a good problem to have. I'm actually not to worried about it, because the games that should be sold out will be (Indians, Cubs, Twins) and if you have to you can still go to an internet ticket place and get them for a fairly good price.
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      There are quite a few games that are already sold out already.Among those tickets gone are the following;

      April 2 and 4 vs. Cleveland
      May 19-21 vs the Northsiders

      The press release says that May 6(Kansas City),July 7-9(Boston) and August 10(New York) are gone,but the White Sox site has tix available for those games.Most likely single seats way in the upper deck.


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        The real problem however will be getting to the ballpark,as the Dan Ryan Reconstruction Project begins in ernest on April 1st.


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