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  • Remembering a Fallen Foe

    Kirby Puckett may have worn a Minnesota Twins uniform,but to many of us White Sox fans,he was one of the most respected opponents that has ever come around.His smile was always evident come win or lose.But many times,he led his team to victory over the Sox.

    Puckett grew up in the shadows of Old Comiskey Park at the Robert Taylor homes,across the Dan Ryan Expressway.

    I got to get Puckett's autograph in a mid-September game at Old Comiskey Park in 1987 when the Twins were in a tight race for the AL West with Oakland.

    I asked him for an autograph,and he kindly obliged to sign my scorecard.I also wished him the best of luck in the post-season.He just smiled at me and said,"Thank you very much." That kind gesture was worth more than that autograph itself.And for that,I'm very thankful.

    I always enjoyed his play,in good times,and bad,whether both teams were contending or not.He was a joy to watch.

    There will be a memorial service for Puckett in Chicago on Wednesday,and Minneapolis on Saturday.

    Speaking for White Sox fans here,thank you Kirby Puckett for all that you have done for the game.

    More on the White Sox reaction to Kirby Puckett here.

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    I just found out about the stroke Monday here, and that he died yesterday on Around the Horn. I'm still in shock. I was born just a couple miles from the Metrodome and have lived in Minnesota all my life. There is no way words will ever describe the impact Kirby had on Minnesota. One of my fondest memories is going to see my older first cousin (and godmother) give birth on my fifth birthday in '87 during the hunt and seeing the Twins on TV (I grew up in NW Minnie and my cousin lived in Grand Forks). I remember the news that came out of Spring Training in '96 when I was in 8th grade, wrapping up Middle School. I've always thought of Puckett and the numbers he'd have gotten had his career would have been able to play out. (I don't think there's one person on here who wouldn't say he was a first-ballot HOFer had he had a full career.) During the championship years of '87 and '91, I was still a Twin's fan, not yet having switched my full loyalties (I switched in '92), and those brought joys to the state I have never seen before or since. Not even in the state of hockey the recent Gopher's run, North Star's Stanley Cup appearance, or Viking's '98 season could come close. Kirby just made everyone happy to be home to the Twin's and just plain happy, period.

    It's really hard to be on here right now without crying, and when this finally sinks in, I will be doing a lot of it. We will all miss you, dearly, Kirby. I hope you have as much fun watching your two teams now as you did playing for them and against us.
    Johnson and now Goligoski gone.
    I hope that's all.


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