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Getting to Know Boone Logan

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  • Getting to Know Boone Logan

    One of the most pleasant surprises coming out of Sox camp is the emergence of 21-year-old left handed pitcher Boone Logan.

    Logan has been in the organization since 2003,and this past week,he was promoted to the major league camp after some pretty impressive relief outings.

    He's going to get a serious look the rest iof the spring,and now has a real shot at making the team as a left-handed relief specialist,now with Dustin Hermansen on the shelf,and no one else from the group that includes Javier Lopez,and Charles Haegar.

    Click here for a look at Boone Logan's rise.

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    It's beginning to look more likely everyday that Boone Logan will make the 25-man roster when camp breaks in a couple of weeks.

    Here's another piece on Boone Logan here.


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      Hes defidently got a chance, but a question about Dusty, iv heard hes out for a while, but i also heard he had a work out sesion the other day, does anyone no what the deal is?
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        Hermansen had a workout session over the weekend and had no back pain during the session.

        They're just going to take it slowly with Dustin.


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