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July 12,1979-Disco Demolition Night

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  • July 12,1979-Disco Demolition Night

    It was 25 years ago when thew White Sox were involved in one of the most memorable(or disasterous) promotions,depending on your point of view,in baseball history.

    "Disco Demolition Night" was an idea concieved by Mike Veeck,the son of White Sox owner Bill Veeck.This would be a night for those people that hate the entire disco scene that was running rampant in the late 1970s.

    Those attending the White Sox twin bill against the Detroit Tigers that night who bright a disco record with them would be admitted for only 98 cents! That tied in with the local radio station,"The Loop",WLUP-FM 97.9,who was the sponsor of this event.

    The disco records would then be placed in center field,and would be lit into a "bonfire" in between games of the doubleheader between these 2 also rans.

    The Sox figured that maybe 30,000 tops would be there,but with the paid attendance of over 47,000 fans,there were well over 55,000 in the park alone.There was also anywhere between 10 to 20,000 outside the park that were turned away,and a huge traffic jam on the Dan Ryan Expressway near the ballpark,that backed up traffic all the way to O'Hare International Airport.

    The 1st game wwas interrupted several times as records were being used as frisbees and had been hurled onto the playing field.The Sox ended up losing the 1st game 4-1 to drop thier record to 40-47 in the AL West.

    Between games,the records were hauled out into center field,and radio personality Steve Dahl,who had been making a name for himself in Chicago in 1979 as a leader in the anti-disco movement which he had promoted on his morning drive show on WLUP,came out in army fatigues,and whipped the crowd into a frenzy as the sellout crowd chanted "Disco Sucks!".

    Then,Dahl,accompanied by Lorelei,a blond beauty who was featured in the TV advertisements for "The Loop"(those of a certain age in Chicago know who Lorelei was. ),blew up crates of records in center field,after that,thousands of fans rushed the field,causing the field to be unplayable.

    After pleas by Bill Veeck and White Sox announcer Harry Caray over the Comiskey Park public address system,the crowd finally dispersed after about 90 minutes of mayhem.The batting cages were destroyed,fires wrere set in the outfield,the grass was all torn up.

    Bill Veeck and his people surveyed the damage with the umps and determined that the playing field was deemed too dangerous to play Game 2.

    The following day,Major League Baseball ordered that Game 2 would be forfieted.It was MLB's 1st forfiet since Cleveland's 10 Cent Beer Night promotion in 1974.

    For more stories about Disco Demolition Night,click here and click here

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    On Monday Night,WTTW,Channel 11(PBS) in Chicago will air a 1-hour documentary at 8:00pm CT concerning the events of Disco Demolition Night.


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      Here's another link to the events of July 12,1979.
      Click Here


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        disco night

        would anyone have the starting lineups for both teams? thanks


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          Originally posted by starlight
          would anyone have the starting lineups for both teams? thanks
          Welcome aboard starlight. Glad to have you here.

          Here's the starting lineups for both teams for July 12,1979;

          CF Ron LeFlore,2-for-5,2 stolen bases
          2B Lou Whitaker,0-4,run scored
          DH Rusty Staub,1-3,run scored
          1B Jason Thompson,0-4,3Ks
          RF Champ Summers,2-3,run scored,walk
          LF Jerry Morales,2-4,RBI,run scored
          C Lance Parrish,1-4,RBI
          3B Tom Brookens,1-4,RBI
          SS Alan Trammell,0-4
          P Tom Underwood
          RP Aurelio Lopez

          2B Alan Bannister,1-4,double
          LF Junior Moore,1-4
          CF Chet Lemon,1-3
          1B Lamar Johnson,0-3
          DH Wayne Nordhagen,0-3
          PH/DH Jorge Orta,0-1
          RF Rusty Torres,1-3,run scored
          PH Claudell Washington,0-1
          3B Jim Morrison,0-3,3 Ks
          SS Greg Pryor,1-3,RBI
          C Mike Colbern,0-3
          P Fred Howard
          RP Ed Farmer

          Line score from the game;

          DET 1 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 0- 4 9 0
          SOX 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0- 1 5 2

          WP;Tom Underwood(4-0)
          LP;Fred Howard(1-4)
          Save;Aurelio Lopez(5)


          T- 2:38
          Att- 47,795

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            I saw that line-up included Wayne Nordhagen, who was born in my home-town. Can you, or anyone else, tell me where he graduated high school, ect, because he wasn't present in any of my mom's yearbooks from 62-64? This is a subject that is really interesting to me. All the info I have is from Sean Lahman's DB. Thanks.
            Johnson and now Goligoski gone.
            I hope that's all.


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              I'm brining this thread up to the top for the benefit of our newer posters since today is the 26th anniversary of Disco Demolition Night.


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                game tape?

                Does anyone know of an existing copy of the first game from disco demolition night?


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                  I heard a fun trivia question from the man himself who was involved.

                  Who was the only player on the field for both infamous forfeits: the Indians' Ten Cent Beer Night and Disco Demolition?


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                    I know this one.But I'll give someone else a shot first.


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                      My guess is that it was Rusty Torres. The most amazing fact about 10 cent beer night is that several were scheduled in 1974 by the Indians.


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